April 30, 2015

Kids at the Wedding Reception

My uncle and aunt’s wedding is a wedding that I will never forget.  I was six years old.   Not only was I in attendance, but I was also the beaming flower girl.  I can recall a few of the aspects of the day as if it happened yesterday. A favorite part of the day, and one that always comes to mind is the fun that I had at the reception.   I also remember cauliflower being on one of the hors d’oeuvre platters, but I digress.  I’m sure that I remember the reception only because I felt included and was part of the fun.

I love to see kids at the wedding reception and joining in on the celebration.  Here are  three tips that you might find helpful as a bride if you’re planning to have kids as the wedding reception.

wedding planning tips11

Tip #1: If you’re planning an outdoor wedding reception, consider adding a variety of lawn games for even the youngest guests.  Pinatas are  a huge hit with kids, and simple to incorporate.  Besides, what kid doesn’t love candy?

Tip#2: Take a lesson from any restaurant that serves children.  The idea adding some coloring books and crayons to the tables where kids will be seated is genius.   This is a hit for kids at most restaurants, and I’m sure your little guests and their parents will like this idea too.

Tip #3: Don’t forget kids like to dance too!  You’d be surprised at how much spark they will add to the party. Consider songs on the playlists that they might enjoy as well.

Finally, brides talk to your wedding planner and see if she is able to lend a few other ideas to include your smaller guests at your reception.  Take it from me, they will remember your special day as well;)





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