June 17, 2015

What Do You Mean That’s Not a Blueberry Bush?

I never thought that I would be drawn to living out in the country, but the more time I spend here I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  While I do have to drive a little bit of a  distance for the important modern conveniences likeTarget and Panera Bread, the small town know your neighbors, one traffic light, and slow pace of living are what I enjoy the most.  If you’ve been following me on Instagram, I’ve been sharing my adventures of gardening and loving what has been in bloom out in our yard.  We haven’t planted any landscape, and probably won’t until next year. However, the previous owners of our home obviously had a green thumb, a love for purple, and they left behind a small strawberry patch!


A few weeks back, we had some friends over who happen to be garden enthusiasts.  After sharing a meal together, we continued our time together hanging out in the backyard.  They were kind enough to help us, at least one of us – me, figure out what exactly was blooming in our backyard.  Thankfully, I’d already figured out that a few things were not weeds because I would not have known that we had a beautiful peony bush, and those weeds with the flowery white tops were actually strawberries.

Here are some phone pictures of our first harvest, and they were quite yummy!


While I had at least those two figured out, my sweet friend also let me know that what I thought was a blueberry bush would soon be roses!!  All I know is that I was told by the previous owners that there were blueberry bushes in the backyard, so logically that bush was definitely blueberries.  Not!!  I’ll be sure to share some pictures as my roses bloom.gardening-in-new-england-11

Deep down inside I am a gardener and a farmer, and all I need is some guidance.  gardening-in-new-england-2

Everyday has been a surprise, and every single day I take a walk outside to hear the birds singing and enjoy the beauty of  life out in the country.



  1. Roxanne Magoon says:

    😀 it will be beautiful!

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