July 26, 2016

Prowse Farm Wedding Albums | Lindsay + Jon

When you’re celebrating your 20th wedding anniversary, what will you want to see in your wedding album?

I was ecstatic when the UPS truck pulled up because I knew that the sample was back from Lindsay and Jon’s Prowse Farm wedding album.  A few weeks ago, I shared a post about delivering a printed, tangible product to all of my wedding clients.  Having digital files is great, but you can’t see them every day, a usb can’t be taped to your wall, and while huddling around a cell phone or computer screen to view pictures is okay, a print in a frame or a beautiful legacy album can be touched, held, and passed on for years to come.

What will you want to see?

One day this beautiful bride will possibly share a moment like this with her daughter.  Her daughter will also see love expressed between her grandmother and mom.  These are the precious moments that you want to hold on to.
Prowse Farm wedding in Canton, MA album photo

What will you want to see?

A legacy album will tell the complete story of your wedding day.  Your day starting with getting ready, your first time seeing each other at the altar or during your first look, you walking down the aisle, moments of your family and friends as they witness your vows being said, photos of your family that you haven’t seen in years, pictures of bridesmaids and the groomsmen as they cheer you on, photos of you and your love at sunset, and pictures of everyone celebrating you as you are introduced as husband and wife.

Prowse Farm wedding in Canton, MA bride and groom photoWhat will you want to see?

Your wedding album will become an invaluable part of your family legacy.
Prowse Farm wedding in Canton, MA reception details photo

This gorgeous album is handcrafted by one of the finest album companies.  The size shown is the 10×10 legacy album with a leather, hazelnut cover.  All albums are designed in house for every couple, and parent albums are available as well.

See more from Lindsay and Jon’s beautiful Prowse Farm wedding here:




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