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Build a brand that stands out from the crowd, attracts your dream clients, and sky rockets your business!
Discover how with the Ignite Your Brand Cohort a small group coaching program. 



You’ve watched a few free webinars, downloaded some DIY branding guides, and had limited success … 

… But in a lot of ways, those resources left you feeling even more confused and frustrated.

You know you’re supposed to be showing up on social media—but you never know what to say, and you feel like you’re basically talking to yourself.

You’re ready to increase your revenue and take your business to the next level—but you have no idea how to get your dream clients’ attention or establish yourself as a force in your industry.

You work so hard, all the time—but you can’t shake the feeling that you’re spinning your wheels and not actually getting anywhere. 

Maybe your business has changed dramatically in the last few years, and your brand doesn’t feel aligned with your vision anymore.

Or maybe branding has always been a bit of a struggle, and you were never really in alignment to begin with.

Either way, you’ve decided—something has to change, right now.


You know how important building a trustworthy, recognizable brand is.

Sound Familiar?

The only problem?

You …

Have no idea what “building a brand” actually entails

Have NO strategy or framework

Feel like your current branding is attracting the wrong clients and standing out in all the wrong ways

Nine years ago, I felt like no matter what I did, I could NOT get ahead. 

My business was stuck. I was working hard, but I was moving forward at a snail’s pace. 

But THEN, I discovered the secret—the roadmap that put me on the fast-track to success.

It didn’t happen overnight, and it did require hard work and discipline. But I finally had a plan, a framework.

And now, I want to support other women with service-based businesses on their own journeys to entrepreneurial success.

The IGNITE Your Brand Cohort is for you if you want Coaching with a plan, Accountability and Support for Implementation. 

I’ve been in your shoes.
Frustrated, overwhelmed, and painfully aware of the fact that I was spending time and money on the wrong things. 

Did I just read your mind?

As an entrepreneur, you have a lot on your plate and creating a cohesive brand that connects with your unique gifts is probably just one more thing on your to-do list.

Creating a brand that feels aligned with your unique gifts and season of life can be overwhelming.

There are so many pieces to a great brand and marketing strategy, and trying to tie it all together can be exhausting.

But a disjointed brand is most likely costing you the clients you want to work with, and the momentum you need to show up confidently online. I believe our world needs women like you to show up and create a legacy they are proud of.

No matter where you are in your business; starting out, in the middle or pivoting, I can help you overcome overwhelm, get clear on your next steps, develop a strategy, and TAKE ACTION.

Why? Because it feels like yesterday that I was stuck in the same struggle cycle you’re in right now. 

I'm Shawon,
Your Branding and
Growth Strategy Coach.

I made a lot of mistakes and encountered a lot of heartache before I FINALLY realized that growing a successful business has *very* little to do with …

Pretty websites
Fancy logos
Unique fonts
Interesting color palettes

… Or any of that other fun stuff that usually pops into our heads when we think of “branding.”

But that’s okay! Looking back, I’m glad I learned all the what-not-to-dos in the early stages of my business …

… Because that’s exactly how I learned the strategies, tools, and frameworks women ACTUALLY need to know if they want to create successful, sustainable businesses.

After being asked what the “secret” to growing my business was, I figured it was well past time to spill the beans …

So today, I’m excited to offer you a truly incredible transformation opportunity: The chance to learn my signature Roadmap to Ignite Your Brand & Your Business using proven frameworks—with all the support, guidance, and encouragement you need to grow your business.

Your Turn-by-Turn Roadmap to IGNITE Your Brand & Grow Your Business 

Build your brand
Attract your dream clients
Grow your business 


Build a brand that centered around your long-term goals and big-picture mission

Focus on the crucial areas to maintain and have a profitable and sustainable business growth strategy

Start every month with a CLEAR brand marketing strategy

Rest assured that all of your marketing and messaging was in alignment with your brand, your business, and your values

Stand out confidently, with a visual brand + messaging that acted as a magnet for your dream clients

Show up for your audience consistently without ever feeling burnt out (because you’d mastered the art of working smarter, not harder)

Hit some of your biggest,  business goals!

Imagine ...

What if you could:

That’s the power of having a clear framework and a strategically crafted,
authentic-to-you brand marketing strategy. 

Over the next 6 months of your Ignite Your Brand Cohort, I’ll teach you how to…


what you'll learn in this Cohort

Clarify your brand message, so you’ll be respected as a go-to authority in your market.

Focus your energy on key areas of your business: productivity, marketing, messaging, communication, leadership and more for a sustainable and profitable business. 

Develop a brand that attracts your dream clients, so you can do work you love with people you respect and admire.

Make your content, photos, and videos stand out online so you can get noticed by prospective clients and collaborators.

Elevate your brand’s visual presence —and why that matters now more than ever.

Create a monthly brand marketing strategy so you knock out your short-term goals & keep an eye on those bigger, longer-term goals as well.

APPLY everything you’ll learn about branding and business growth strategy to keep your brand  profitable, sustainable, and aligned over time.

...and more!

Monthly Group Coaching
Each month, we’ll meet for two one-hour group coaching sessions. 

Monthly Office Hours
Bring your questions or sign up for a hot seat call! Each month, we'll have one office hour so we can mastermind your challenges and help you overcome them.

Monthly 1:1 Accountability Call
Every month, we’ll hop on a 1:1 call to discuss your progress. I’ll challenge you to share your goals and hold you accountable!

Monthly Co-Working Session
Every month, we'll  meet to brainstorm, and map out goals and have a co-working session.

One In-Person 2-Day Intensive Planning Retreat
The key to a profitable, sustainable business is your leadership and vision as the CEO of your business. This retreat will be an intensive two days of strategic planning for your business and a bonus training. 

Access to Business Made Simple University
Education is a huge part of this mastermind coaching program. You’ll have access to Business Made Simple and recorded Group Training and Live Calls.

Exclusive Access to Our Facebook Community
Consider this your new home on the web! Inside this community, we’ll lift each other up, offer advice, overcome obstacles, and celebrate our wins.

… Plus the direct support, encouragement, and accountability you need to succeed every step of the way!

What You’ll Get For Your Investment

peek behind the curtain


Monthly Group Coaching Sessions
Monthly Office Hours (One Hour/Month)
Monthly 1:1 Accountability Call (One 45 min. call/month)
Monthly Co-Working Session
One In-Person 2-Day Intensive Planning Retreat
Access to Business Made Simple 
Exclusive  Facebook Community
Direct support, encouragement, & accountability

The Ignite Your Brand

introducing ...


Transform Your Brand,  Attract Your Dream Clients, & Grow Your Business

**Enrollment is limited to 10 provide an intimate, high-touch experience.



I knew I needed a business coach. I'm really good at what I do, and I have a fantastic product. But, I'm not really good at marketing. I really appreciate Shawon’s approach of breaking down the frameworks, and being super supportive, answering those questions if we got stuck, asking if there was anything else that we needed in order to better support us in our journey. 

 I was super frustrated and overwhelmed before we started working together and Shawon helped me find a much better place to be where I could balance doing the thing I loved with marketing the thing I needed.

she really helped me find a much better place to be where I could balance doing the thing I loved with the marketing thing I needed. 

the reviews

Inside my Coaching Program, you’ll get ...

A brand marketing strategy that aligns with YOUR mission and YOUR goals—this isn’t some generic, one-size-fits-all approach!

A repeatable framework that you can use month after to month to set up your branding marketing strategy & continuously get results

A complete client-attracting system, so you can bring in more high-quality leads, more consistently, with less effort

1:1 accountability, so you’ll never feel like you’re falling behind or losing steam

The confidence you need to stand out in your market & attract your dream clients

Why the Ignite Your Brand Cohort Works


Like nothing you’ve ever tried before ...

You’re a woman who owns her own service-based business & feels BEYOND ready to finally have a brand and business you love.

You know your business could succeed if you could just figure out how to tie it all together. 

You’re ready to stop spending your time and money in all the wrong places and START implementing tried-and-tested strategies.

You need a simple, effective way to reliably attract your dream clients, in a way that feels authentic and aligned with your business and your values.

You're ready to confidently show up in your brand and know it will connect with your audience. 

You love the idea of implementing a repeatable brand marketing strategy to achieve your goals every single month.

You're ready to live more and stress less over your business.

You know that dream inside of you was put there for a reason, and you know that NOW is the time to bring it to life. 

You're tired of playing small, but know you need support to get where you deserve to be. 

is this right for me?

The Ignite Your Brand Cohort
Is a Good Fit For You If …

Monthly Group Trainings 
Monthly Office Hours (One Hour/Month)
Monthly 1:1 Accountability Call (One 45 min. call/month)
Monthly Co-Working Session
One In-Person 2-Day Intensive Planning Retreat
Access to Business Made Simple 
Exclusive Facebook Community
Direct support, encouragement, & accountability

The Ignite Your Brand

introducing ...


Transform Your Brand, Attract Your Dream Clients & Grow Your Business

**Enrollment is limited to 10 to provide an intimate, high-touch experience.


- LAURA O'callaghan

Life and work get so busy, it is easy to forget to work ON your business, and not just IN it! “Overwhelmed” is how I would describe our day to day at the office. Helping businesses with their needs, hosting events every week and raising funds is a lot of work for two people. Shawon gave us the tools to be more organized, to work smarter not harder, how to get our message across better, explained what our website should look like and so much more! we know how to create our weekly/monthly/yearly goals, attract new leads, we have a BrandScript...- just a sampling of what a business needs to be successful.

 Our days are less stressed and the feeling of accomplishing what was on our agenda for the day is priceless! 

We never realized how much we needed a brand coach until we joined  “Ignite Your Brand”.  

the reviews


frequently asked

Do you feel like you could use help on building your brand and growing your business? If so, then yes! If you're starting out, re-branding or shifting to something new, the frameworks that I teach and coach you through are totally unique from anything you may have tried in the past. If your brand isn’t fully developed, your business doesn't feel aligned, and you want your brand and business to LOOK and represent the expert you are, I can help.

Absolutely! Adopting this kind of strategic framework as a new business owner will actually give you a huge advantage, because you’ll be building a rock-solid foundation for your business to grow on.

Coaching and office hours rotate between Tuesday and Thursday mornings and afternoons on alternating weeks.  The sessions are recorded if you are unable to make it. 

This Cohort is NOTHING like done-for-you marketing plans you may have tried in the past. This is a high-touch, highly personalized system that’s all about creating a unique brand marketing strategy for YOUR business. I’m teaching you repeatable frameworks, but it’s fully customizable and proven to get results.

YES! You have one, 1:1 Accountability Session with Shawon each month.  You'll receive access to the calendar as part of your onboarding to schedule this virtual call at a time that works best for you each month. This time is used to support you with specific things you need in your business, to measure your progress, and keep you accountable to your goals. 

Business Made Simple is one of the core educational components of the Cohort. You will have access for one full year. 

All you need to do is scroll below and click the 'apply today' button.  Complete the application, and choose your consultation time.
The Cohort is limited to 10 business owners. 

Monthly Group Trainings 
Monthly Office Hours (One Hour/Month)
Monthly 1:1 Accountability (One 45 min. call/month)
Monthly Co-Working Session
One In-Person 2-Day Intensive Planning Retreat
Access to Business Made Simple University
Exclusive Mastermind Community
Direct support, encouragement, & accountability.

The Ignite Your Brand

introducing ...


Ignite Your Brand, Attract Your Dream Clients, & Grow Your Business

**Enrollment is limited to provide an intimate, high-touch experience.


We’ve all needed a roadmap or Google Maps to get us to a destination where we’d never been before. Without a roadmap—in this case, your brand and business growth framework—we spin our wheels in the wrong direction.

I know what it’s like to waste heaps of time and money on the wrong things instead of taking meaningful action … And I don’t want that for you!

You deserve a brand that you love, that attracts your dream clients like moths to a flame.

As a Business Made Simple Coach, the frameworks I’ll teach you in this small group coaching program will guide you in the right direction. It will get you to the destination you’re dreaming of, by the shortest and most efficient means possible.

THIS is your key to finally making the kind of impact you had in mind when you first started your business.

I’m not only cheering for you—I’m waiting to support you each phase of the way!

This could be the decision that changes everything.


Don’t miss out!

**Enrollment is limited to 10 to ensure a high-touch experience. **


Let's do this!