Who is casting the vision for your life?
If you paused, hesitated, or flat-out don’t know the answer, you might have a problem on your hands.
So many of the women business owners I know have huge dreams.

But they allow their daily actions to be influenced by people and events happening around them, rather than navigating their business ownership journey with specific intention.
The result is that they end up off course. They get overwhelmed and feel like they’re being pulled in a dozen different directions.
●  You’re not sure what to focus on each day
●You don’t feel like you’re making progress on your most important projects 
●  You set goals but don’t actually achieve them 
●  You don’t have a clear vision of your life for the next 10 years 
●  You aren’t sure how you can be most productive 
●  You wake up in a fog and feel like your life is meaningless

Hero On
a Mission

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Create a clear vision for your life and set the right goals

Develop a daily routine that reminds you where you’re going and helps you prioritize your life

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No two businesses are alike. Your coaching will be tailored for you and your business.

Using the complete Business Made Simple MRI assessment, we’ll determine the overall health of your business. 

Then, I’ll come up with a custom coaching plan to help you take action towards your goals.

step two: assess & strategize

After we’ve designed your coaching plan, we’ll start implementing proven frameworks to help you grow in Marketing, Communication, Leadership, and Productivity. 

During our coaching sessions, I’ll help you start implementing these frameworks in a way that makes sense for your business. You’ll leave each session with an action plan and any tools you need to take your next steps. 


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Your Plan to Create Meaningful Goals

● Prepare your life and business for your next season of growth.
● You will know what to focus on.
●Get off the struggle bus and get closer to your goals.
● You will know what to do, despite how you feel.
● You will make progress every day on your life goals.
● Create a more fulfilling, specific plan for your growth
● You will get enough done every day that you don't feel like you are wasting your life.
● Your life will make sense to yourself and others.
● You will experience a deep sense of meaning

In this workshop, I’m teaching women on a mission how to take more personal agency in their life and steer their business to success.
The Hero on a Mission Workshop will help you:

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Whether you want to experience a deeper sense of meaning or just learn how to be more personally productive, this workshop will help.

I help women with service-based businesses IGNITE their brand so they can GROW their business.

About 9 years ago, I was exactly where you are right now. I’d started my own photography business, and I was HUSTLING to bring my dream to life.

But I was exhausted. I had no direction, no strategy, and my business wasn’t in alignment with my personal goals and values.

As a Brand Marketing Coach, I help my clients to navigate business growth with less stress and more success using a combination of branding expertise and proven Business Made Simple frameworks for marketing, communication, leadership, messaging, and productivity.

Whether I'm coaching in a group setting, or working with someone one-to-one, I'm passionate about helping women grow their businesses. 

Why? Because it feels like yesterday that I was stuck in the same cycle and not navigating my business owner journey with specific intention. 

When I'm not in the studio, you can find me listening to podcasts and audiobooks, binge watching HGTV, pulling weeds out of my garden, or spending time with my husband, kids, and our mini goldendoodle, Bentley. 

I'm Shawon, 
Brand & Growth Strategy Coach.


✓ A life plan that gives you a deep sense of meaning and purpose 

✓ A goal setting worksheet that ensures you achieve the most important goals
✓ A daily planner that will keep you focused and increase your productivity
✓ A workbook to keep you on track and organized

here's what you'll get

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