I understand what starting a business from scratch requires. I began my photography business on a part-time basis, while homeschooling my 3 children, in 2011. I built my part time passion into a full-time career 5 years ago.

Like most business owners starting out, I didn't know where to start to build my brand and grow my business.

I was focused on having a pretty website, fonts, colors and a logo. 

All of the wrong things. 

I'm Shawon. Photographer & Brand Marketing Coach


I want to stand out and have a brand that attracts my dream clients. 

sound familiar?

As a photographer and brand marketing coach, I help women business owners build their brands and effectively communicate their brand messages so that they can stand out and attract their dream clients. 

Whether I'm styling shoots and wardrobes, or coaching in a group setting or one to one, I'm passionate about helping women build their brands and grow their businesses. 

When I'm not behind the camera, or in the studio, you can find me listening to podcasts and audiobooks, binge watching HGTV, pulling weeds out of my garden, or spending time with my husband, kids, and our mini goldendoodle, Bentley a.k.a. Mr. Beans, Bent, or B. 

I get it. I know that you want to stand out in a sea of white noise, but you’re feeling stuck and overwhelmed because you don’t know where to start.

I thought I needed a pretty website, the right colors, and a logo.  Also on that list were band aid solutions for what to post and when to post on social media with a plan to only get more likes.  

Getting clarity on my brand messaging and having a brand marketing strategy specific for my business vision was exactly what I didn't know that I needed. 

It didn't happen over night, but I can truly say that I have a business and brand that I love. 

Now I have the joy of coaching other women business owners with a framework to stand out so that they can connect with their dream clients and grow their businesses. 

 get clarity.
build your brand.
grow your business.

the results


I know that you want to have a brand that stands out and attracts your dream clients. In order to do that, you need a brand that aligns with your business vision and goals. 

The problem is you don’t know where to start to build your brand which makes you feel stuck. Whether you're starting your business, or rebranding, you deserve a brand that you love and that attracts your dream clients. 

Over the last eight years from working with women business owners and building my brand, I’ve created a framework to guide you with the right strategy for building a brand so that you stand out and grow your business. 



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