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I help women create aligned
brands and businesses that
(finally) get results. 

Build a Confident,
Connected Brand and Business

If you're like most of my clients you are so over: 

● working to the point of burn-out 
● a disjointed visual brand 
● wasting time and money on course after course (that you still haven't completed) 
● attracting the wrong clients 

Tired of Trying to Connect All the Dots?

Are You...

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You and I both know you were meant to create change and shine your brilliant light in this world. But that's hard to do if you feel overwhelmed and all over the place with your brand and business. 

● What if you could show up online with the confidence your business was built to succeed? 
● What if your visual brand and marketing plan felt seamless and spacious? 
● What if you got rid of the overwhelm so you could start having the impact you deserve to have on this world? 

More than ever, the world needs women like you to succeed, and to do that, you need a plan to connect your brand, align it with your season of life, and the support and accountability to implement all the pieces.

I can help.

I'm Shawon,
Your Branding and Growth Strategy Coach.

hi there!

We attended Shawon’s workshop, and the more we heard, the more we recognized that we needed help. Life and work get so busy, it is easy to forget to work ON your business, and not just IN it! “Overwhelmed” is how I would describe our day to day at the office. Helping businesses with their needs, hosting events every week and raising funds is a lot of work for two people. Shawon gave us the tools to be more organized, to work smarter not harder, how to get our message across better, explained what our website should look like and so much more! In just a few short weeks we were able to focus on what a business needs to be successful. We are still going through the Mastermind, learning something invaluable every time! Our days are less stressed and the feeling of accomplishing what was on our agenda for the day is priceless!

-Laura O'Callaghan

We never realized how much we needed a brand coach until we joined the “Ignite Your Brand” Mastermind.  

I knew I needed a business coach. I'm really good at what I do, and I have a fantastic product. But, I'm not really good at marketing. I'm excited about what we do at Strengths University. However, if no one comes to work with us, it's just kind of an expensive hobby.

I had already found the StoryBrand framework, and that really resonated with me. But even though I read all the books several times, and I enrolled in their online university, I still wasn't actually doing the work.

I really appreciate Shawon’s approach of breaking down the frameworks, staying on top of us to make sure we actually did the work, but also being super supportive, answering those questions if we got stuck, asking if there was anything else that we needed in order to better support us in our journey. 

 I was super frustrated and overwhelmed before we started working together and Shawon helped me find a much better place to be where I could balance doing the thing I loved with the marketing thing I needed.

-Anne Brackett
Strengths University

She really helped me find a much better place to be where I could balance doing the thing I loved with the marketing thing I needed. 

- brenda, author of naturally keto,
blogger at

Two cookbook launches and my branding photos. She took my vision and made it happen!  

- marra D.

I wasn't sure I'd feel comfortable in front of the camera. Shawon talked me through the process, helped me relax and paid attention to every detail. 

The entire process was seamless. She asked the right questions to  understand the branding photos I wanted to capture for my new project. 

- Sarah
Hair Stylist

This was my first photoshoot ever! I am so awkward in front of the camera and can never keep my eyes open. Shawon was so good at making me feel so comfortable. It was so fun to feel like a model for the day. 


Shawon is amazing! My photos were for my real estate business. From start to finish everything she did was high class and professional. I felt an instant connection with Shawon when I first spoke to her on the phone and enjoyed our facetime chat and showing her my wardrobe. It was so exciting to go through and choose the right outfits to bring to the shoot.



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You're probably here because...

You know your business could succeed if you could just figure out how to tie it all together. 

You want to live more and stress less over your business. 

You don't want to just make money; you want to be a change-maker in your community and your industry. 

You know that dream inside of you was put there for a reason, and you know that NOW is the time to bring it to life. 

You want to show up confidently in your brand and know it will connect with your audience. 

You're tired of playing small, but know you need support to get where you deserve to be. 

What is brand disconnect costing you?
Probably more than you know.
Let's fix that.

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