Attracting the wrong clients...You can’t seem to get clear on your messaging, branding, or positioning. You’re great at what you do, but your expertise doesn’t shine and your marketing falls flat.

Hustling without a clear strategy... You’ve leaned heavily on hard work and word of mouth so far—but you know that can only get you so far.

Feeling completely overwhelmed by all the moving pieces—marketing, sales, branding, oh my! Your head spins just thinking about your to-do list.

Are you feeling like something’s holding your brand back?

If you're like most of my clients you are so over:

A disjointed visual brand - your brand hasn’t evolved as your business has grown, and you need to reevaluate the way you’re showing up for your audience.

There's a better way, I promise. 


You and I both know you were meant to create change and shine your brilliant light in this world. But that's hard to do if you feel overwhelmed and all over the place with your business.

● What if you could show up online with the confidence your business was built to succeed? 
● What if your brand and marketing plan felt seamless and spacious? 
● What if you got rid of the overwhelm so you could start having the impact you deserve to have on this world? 

More than ever, the world needs women like you to succeed, and to do that, you need a plan to transform your brand, align it with the vision for your business, and the support and accountability to implement all the pieces.

I can help.

I'm Shawon. Your Brand Strategist.


Lavinia p. 

"My messaging is clear and communicates my value"

I entered my industry knowing I had talent and a valuable service to offer to my clients, but I started my business with heart and mission, but no messaging and true plan.
Shawon helped me to get my messaging clear and helped me communicate my value, which in turn, created so much more client buy-in. I now have a website that  returns multiple leads a week.

olympia c.

"My life is more balanced and my business is thriving"

As a solopreneur, you can imagine the number of hats I need to wear!  What a relief to go from feeling out of control and extremely overwhelmed to feeling a sense of order, peace, and encouragement. My life is more balanced, I have more time for family and relationships, and my business is thriving and creating more revenue.

anne b.

"She really helped me find a much better place to be where I could balance doing the thing I loved with the marketing I needed."

I'm really good at what I do, and I have a fantastic product. But, I'm not really good at marketing. I'm excited about what we. However, if no one comes to work with us, it's just kind of an expensive hobby.  I was super frustrated and overwhelmed before we started working together and Shawon helped me find a much better place to be where I could balance doing the thing I loved with the marketing I needed.

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You're Probably Here Because...

You know your business could succeed if you could just figure out how to tie it all together. 

You want to live more and stress less over your business. 

You don't want to just make money, you want to be a change-maker in your community and leave a legacy.

You know that dream inside of you was put there for a reason, and you know that NOW is the time to bring it to life. 

You want to show up confidently in your brand and know it will connect with your audience. 

You're tired of playing small, but know you need support to get where you deserve to be. 

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What is brand disconnect costing you? Probably more than you know. 

Let's fix that!

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