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If your business is humming along, but your brand feels disjointed and all over the place...

If you aren't sure where to start and what to focus on...

If your messaging feels disconnected from the actual value you provide... 

If your brand hasn’t evolved as your business has grown, and you need to reevaluate the way you’re showing up for your audience...

...then you need a guide –– someone who can help you see a clear path and plan, so you can build a brand that gets you the results you deserve. 

Let's Get You on the Right Path

- stephanie hill-manuel

Before my Brand Audit, I was feeling all over the place. I had a lot of different aspects that I liked, but they didn't go together or convey the right message to my ideal client. After my brand audit, many details were pointed out, both what I was doing well and changes to implement. Shawon answered my questions, and the experience going through the actual Audit document was helpful and I was able to give that to my team to implement. The level of detail was beyond and above what I expected. It was phenomenal. After the audit, I have a better understanding of what I want. It's going to be a night and day difference. I'm 100% implementing everything!

You're smart, savvy, and ready to reach new levels in your business, but something is stopping you.

You aren't sure why you keep attracting the wrong clients, why your brand feels thrown together, why it's so hard to get to the next level...

If you could just figure it out, then you could breathe easier. 

Sound like you? 
Let's fix that. 

The fact that you're here, means
you’re probably like most of my

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Connecting all of the pieces to have an impactful brand and business can feel overwhelming.  When you have a strong brand framework your brand will feel aligned, you will attract your dream clients and you will finally know what steps to take to have an impactful brand so your business grows. 

The brand audit will get you on a clear path. 

Your brand audit will include a review of your brand's core framework, social media platforms, website, visual online presence, messaging, and online marketing.

Here's the process:

Schedule your audit initial consult call. 

Complete your payment. 

Complete your questionnaire after our initial call.

We'll meet via Zoom in two weeks where you will receive your audit report, insights, and recommendations.

Investment: $497


what's included...

There's nothing better than having a clear path and plan to implement for the results you are craving! 



We'll walk through your audit on a 90-minute call. You'll receive your audit report, insights, and recommendations.

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Schedule your audit and we'll get started. 

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It's Easy to Work With Me

- Lori mackeil 

She helped define how to grow my brand and business into my vision for the future.  I had a clear idea of what I wanted my business and brand presence to feel like, but it was like a scent or a feeling, it was there but I could not put it to words or ideas to make it come to life. Shawon took my thoughts, feelings, insights and goals and turned them into a solid plan with a clear path so the branding and ideas in my head match what others see and experience.   

what they're saying

+ You're a service provider.
+ You've been in business for at least a year.
+ You're ready to create an aligned brand that connects. 
+ You're ready to stop spinning and start growing. 

Are You a Fit? 


And most of all...'re ready to standout and feel confident with your brand.

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The branding mistakes every woman who wants to grow her business should fix.
(Are you making any?) 

5 Branding Mistakes
& How to Fix Them

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