January 19, 2016

A few months ago, I had my own personal experience of choosing a wardrobe for anniversary photos with my handsome hubby. We were celebrating our 18th Anniversary–whoop, whoop, and I wanted something elegant, classic, long, and flowy.  Jewel tones look best on this girl, so I decided to look for a rich blue. I also helped […]

February 16, 2015

Copley Gray Dining Room

Winter Storm Neptune interrupted the plans of many for this Valentine’s Day weekend.  So what do you do when there’s already two feet of snow on the ground, another storm’s  a’brewing, and it’s Valentine’s Day weekend?  Simple, you make the best of it!  Our plans were to enjoy a dinner and a movie at home, […]

October 15, 2014

How are you going to celebrate your wedding anniversary this year?  Dinner, an anniversary gift, or perhaps a get away are all typical and fantastic ways to celebrate your anniversary.  Another memorable way to celebrate, is to document your anniversary with a photo session.   Plan a session around what you both enjoy doing, where […]