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How to Have a Great Brand Photoshoot | Behind The Scenes Let me take you behind the scenes of a recent personal branding photoshoot we had at our Medway, MA brand photography studio. Jen came to me in the process of updating her website and was ready to take her brand to the next level. […]

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Branding Photography Let’s face it, we live in a visual world where attention spans are short. In order to stand out from the competition, stop the scroll of your dream clients, and become recognizable, you need a powerful visual brand. One of the best ways to do that is through high-quality branding photography. But why […]

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When I began to brand my business I focused on a pretty website, choosing the right colors, fonts, and the perfect logo. I believed I was all set, and that new clients were going to come flocking to my doorstep for the services I provided, right? Here’s what I didn’t realize… I had left out […]


In February, I had the opportunity to speak at the Professional Photographers of America Massachusetts Evolve 2022 Conference. It was truly a full-circle moment on so many levels. While many people know me as a business strategist & branding expert today, there were a few years early in my entrepreneur journey where I truly wondered […]

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Does this sound familiar? You know you need to put yourself out there in order to grow your business. But you worry… What will people say about you when they see you posting about your business online? Do you really have the level of credibility to position yourself as an expert? Will stepping outside your […]

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