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I had just finished recording my latest YouTube video, and guess what? Siri must have been eavesdropping! As soon as I hopped on Instagram, the first thing I saw was a post someone shared about a dissatisfied client’s onboarding experience. YIKES!! Now, I know what you might be thinking – “Why should you care about […]


Take a stroll through Nancy’s Garden with me and discover the valuable lessons it teaches about building a remarkable brand and business.  Have you ever strolled through a beautiful garden and felt an overwhelming sense of tranquility and beauty? This is exactly what I experienced last week when I visited my sweet friend Nancy for […]


As a small business owner, summer can feel like a balancing act between work and family. And as a mompreneur and wedding photographer for ten years, I know firsthand how challenging it can be to juggle the responsibilities of running a business and enjoying your summer. My business and my weekends are different now, but […]


The power of a strong brand image is paramount when it comes to networking in person.  From the clothes you wear to the way you carry yourself, your brand image affects how others perceive you and potentially their willingness to do business with you. Your brand is everything. And first impressions matter. Whether it’s your […]

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Do you ever feel like something is missing from your brand, but you can never figure out exactly what it is? Maybe you feel… Completely overwhelmed with crafting a signature brand that magnetizes your dream clients. Your messaging is disconnected from the actual value you provide. You’ve had a graphic designer create 50 different logo […]

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