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Are you ready to elevate your brand for the last quarter? The year is not over and there are always things to think about when it comes to elevating your brand. One simple way to elevate your brand is with your brand photos. High quality, authentic photos that tell your brand’s story so that you […]

Elevate Your Brand Photos


Why Establishing Your Unique Brand Matters Recently, I was watching a design show on HGTV when the hosts asked a question that literally made me sit up straight, hit pause, and rewind to make sure my ears hadn’t deceived me … “So, what’s your unique selling proposition?” As a Brand Marketing Coach, this is a […]

Grand opening Shawon Davis Photography


Welcome to the new website!  Over the weekend, we hit publish to launch the new website and I couldn’t be more excited!  It’s been months in the making and it took many, many, small steps to get here. To celebrate the launch, there is a Launch Week Special for Headshot and Personal Brand Photoshoots waiting […]

welcome to the new website for Shawon Davis Photography


We did something a little different this week on the Ignite Your Brand weekly live show, and I think it’s here to stay.   We had a live Q&A, or ask me anything about branding and marketing strategy.  Today, I’m sharing a question that I get often and was excited to answer on the show.  Question: […]


Does the thought of going live on social make your palms sweaty?  Today, I’m sharing how to plan to go live so that you can say goodbye to sweaty palms and what-ifs that might be holding you back.  First, take a deep breath, smile, and remember the purpose. And don’t forget to say your name. […]

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