Raise your hand if there’s more than one person in your industry who does the same thing you do! Yep, that’s everyone. Now, raise your hand if there are more than 100 people who do the same thing you do! …Chances are, your hand is still raised. But that’s okay! Even if you feel like […]

5 Tips To Choose Your Brand Photographer

5 Tips To Choose Your Brand Photographer



Raise your hand if there’s more than one person in your industry who does the same thing you do!

Yep, that’s everyone.

Now, raise your hand if there are more than 100 people who do the same thing you do!

…Chances are, your hand is still raised. But that’s okay!

Even if you feel like you’re in a saturated industry, it’s possible to set yourself apart from the competition and create a brand that stands out to your ideal clients. One of my very favorite ways to do that is through branded photography.

Brand photography helps you tell your brand’s story, forge a deeper connection with your audience, and puts you in a class of ONE.

Brand photography is a big part of what allows me to confidently share my expertise as a branding expert, photographer, and business strategist. Are there thousands of other coaches and service providers who do something similar? Probably. But I don’t worry about that, because I know I’ve built a strong brand—and I have highly personalized, storytelling photos to help me share that brand.

No matter how many others may offer similar services to yours, YOU are what’s completely unique about your business. No one can take that away from you, and no one can do it exactly the same way.

This is why sharing your brand story through branded photos can be so very powerful and impactful.

But far too many business owners don’t have enough beautiful branded photos. They use the same photos from five years ago, or grab what they can with their iPhone.

In the beginning, using what you have access to might fly. But as your business grows, it’s important that your brand photography reflects your story.

And what kind of story are we telling with outdated or low-quality images?


5 Tips to Choose Your Brand Photographer

All that being said, choosing the right brand photographer can be challenging. With so many talented folks to choose from, how can you be sure you’re working with an expert who will effectively capture your personality, your story, and your brand?

I’ll tell you what I told one of my clients recently. These are my favorite tips for choosing the right brand photographer for a photoshoot.

1. Take a look at the photographer’s style.

When I say their style, I mean look at their portfolio and see if their photos align with your brand words. For example, if your brand words are “classic” and “timeless” and their photos are clearly vintage-style, I’d recommend you continue your search. A vintage style is not going to align with the clean, classic, and timeless feel you want your brand to convey.

2. Are their photos consistent?

Thinking again about the style of their photography, does it seem to stay consistent from shoot to shoot? Are they using the same editing styles across the board? A mix of editing styles (vintage, clean, bold, muted, etc.) can be a major red flag. You don’t want any surprises when you receive your photos!

3. Set up a phone or video call. 

Make sure your photographer has great energy. When you step in front of the camera, you will often mirror the energy that’s given to you. If your photographer is laid back, upbeat, and relaxed, you’re more likely to embody those qualities in your pictures.

4. Ask about their process.

Set your expectations ahead of time. Will they offer a planning consult? I’d personally say this is an extremely important part of preparing for a successful shoot and essential for getting the exact images you’ll need. Will they help style your wardrobe, hair, or makeup? Do they have a studio in case of rain? How long will it take to get your photos back? How will those photos be delivered? Make a list of questions you have before speaking with them, and don’t be afraid to ask.

5. Check their reviews.

This is a simple tip, but it can have a massive impact. The best way to know whether a photographer can deliver what you’re looking for is to see what past clients have said about their experiences.

Having Brand Photos Is 100% Necessary In Today’s Digital, Image-Driven World.

Choosing the right photographer to capture the essence of your brand is key to showing up consistently, marketing confidently, connecting with your ideal clients, and growing your business.

Need a Brand Photographer In the Metrowest Boston Area?

I understand how to perfectly capture you and the essence of your brand in photos, and I’d love to chat! Schedule an initial consultation here.

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5 Tips To Choose Your Brand Photographer


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