In the Studio



New things are brewing at the studio as the New Year is only a few days away. One of those new things is a Luxury Portrait Experience! Read more… A story that I began writing in 2012 is ready to be shared and told. I believe each woman is distinctive and powerful in her own […]


Many good things happened this month, and celebrating seven years in business was one of them! Seven years ago, I decided to take the leap. I had no idea what was ahead. All I knew was that I’d discovered an amazing little box that let light in and allowed me to show others the light […]

Shawon Davis Photography celebrating 7 Years in business.


Today, I am thrilled to share a look inside my studio and show you some before and afters of the new space. I am grateful for a beautiful space that I get to walk into every day. These are the words that I would say out loud to myself as I walked through the door, […]


Happy Tuesday!  I hope that you had a fantastic weekend!  Getting a few steps closer to the new studio being finished was certainly a highlight for me.  It felt so good on my drive in this morning knowing that I could get in and get straight to work.  I can not wait to share before […]


Happy Valentine’s Day from me to YOU!!  How are you celebrating LOVE day today?!  I’m wearing an extra wide smile because a box from Farmgirl Flowers was waiting for me when I got home yesterday.  I told my husband that I spotted the box as soon as my car hit the driveway. LOL! He’s the […]

Happy Valentine's Day

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