September 9, 2013

Styling Your Family For Fall Pictures

Fall is definitely in the air here in Rhode Island, and I must say that fall is one of my favorite seasons!  I love the warm colors, wearing layers, watching the leaves change, wearing scarfs, snuggling up and sipping on french vanilla chai tea with a splash of honey.  I simply love the change in the atmosphere that it brings.  Welcoming fall also means that it is time for a wardrobe change as we transition from the summer.  That transition also brings some changes for you as you prepare to style your family for your fall and winter pictures.

If your pictures will be taken outside, it’s great to wear colors that compliment your location and feel in the air.  If you like bold colors, try a muted fall color in a similar color, or add that splash of boldness in an accessory like a scarf, bracelet, or pair of shoes.  For our family photos, I’m considering adding yellow, but in a muted mustard yellow to a blend of gray, brown, or navy blue.    I have a month to plan for our fall family pictures, so I’m in the early planning stages of coordinating outfits for our family of five.

Here are a few ideas for you as you prepare to style your family for fall pictures.  You can shop at the stores listed or you can create the look at your favorite retailer, or from your closet.  I always start in my closet to see if I have pieces of a particular style that I would like to create.  For more ideas to style your family for fall pictures, check out  my Fall Style Board on Pinterest.  When in doubt on how to style your family for pictures, send me a picture via email of what you’re considering and I will give you a “love” it or offer some advice to find another option.  Happy Fall!


Outfits for family picturesFall outfit ideas for family pictures

 Find more fall styles on Pinterest



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