January 15, 2020

Why You Only Need ONE Brand Photographer |shawondavis.com

I’ve seen a bit of a phenomenon in the business world when it comes to brand photography. People seem to hop from one photographer to another, never really landing on one specific photographer to help them represent their brand. 

Recently, I did a Facebook Live, discussing the benefits of working with one personal brand photographer all year long. 

While I get the appeal of having lots of different types of images – I actually believe that doing this hurts your brand longterm. 

Do you need to stay with the same brand photographer for the rest of your life? No. But, I do think you should make at least a year-long commitment. Here’s why…

Your brand photoshoots have to begin with your goals. 

It’s important that you are clear on your goals for the year. No, you don’t need every detail mapped out, but you do want to have an overall understanding of where you are going. 

Maybe you want to:

  • Launch a new online digital course
  • Host a live event
  • Write a book
  • Start a podcast
  • Offer a few seasonal promotions
  • Host a webinar or masterclass
  • Celebrate your 5-year business anniversary
  • Take your real estate business to the next level
  • Show up consistently online and engage more with your audience

Whatever the goal is, working with a photographer who fully understands where you are going and what you want to accomplish will make the reality of hitting those goals, a whole lot more likely. 


When you work with one personal brand photographer all year, they really get to know your business inside and out. They begin to fully understand your mission and your brand. The cherry on top? A seasoned pro can guide and direct you through all of your shoots to ensure you have all of the images you need to bring your goals to life, in a clear effective way. 

Brand Consistency. 

You want to build up enough brand consistency that as soon as someone sees your photo, they know exactly who you are and what you’re about. When you work with more than one photographer, your images often lack the consistency they need to be truly recognizable. And don’t worry, things won’t get boring or repetitive. A good brand photographer knows how to create fresh images that are cohesive. So, you will stop the scroll with something new and novel, while also building trust through consistent images. 

A true teammate. 

You want to work with someone who’s not just taking photos but someone who will be there to high five you at the end of the year, and every accomplishment in between. When you work with the same person all year long, you end up adding another team member to your rocketship.  

When you work with a photographer who knows you and your brand, who can make you feel comfortable quickly, you save tons of time. When they understand your goals, they can help you visually represent every piece of the puzzle that will help you achieve those goals. Ultimately at the end of the day, your brand stays consistent, you have plenty of content, and you have someone there to guide you as you pursue your goals!

So, if you don’t already have one, be sure to find a brand photographer in your area that understands what business owners need to thrive online. If you are a Boston (or surrounding areas) business owner, looking for brand photos all year long, I’d love to chat with you. My Brand Builder package has everything you need to build a consistent online presence for all of 2020. 

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