June 25, 2020

How to Find the time to Elevate Your Brand

The question of how to find the time to elevate your brand when there are so many things to juggle as a business owner is a great one and the answer is simple. 

The juggling act…

We have administrative responsibilities, marketing, networking, consultations, operations, and I’ll give social media an entire category as well. Many things to juggle and hats to wear, right?! 

This long season of 2020 that we’re all walking through and experiencing adds to the juggling act. 

Although I’m excited for a new quarter around the corner, my planning looks so much different than it did at the beginning of the year. 

There have been many days, insert weeks, of simply putting one foot in front of the other navigating both my business and personal life. 

I’m grateful for some space again to focus on my goals, and a huge part of that has been working at the studio in my creative space.  I’ll be sharing more about that soon!

One of the small things that I was able to do was find time to elevate my brand.  I made a list of ways to stay productive, and in hindsight, many of the things on my list involved working on my business and essentially elevating my brand in different areas. 

how to find time to elevate your brand

Keep things simple

I kept things simple and gave myself a lot of grace especially on days where I could only focus for 30 minutes or not at all. 

Now that I’m back to work at the studio, I’ve wanted to get back to a dedicated carved out time each week where I focus on one of my goals to elevate my brand over the course of a quarter. 

Last week I shared my process in our Facebook community, and today I’m excited to share with you all about how to find time to elevate your brand. 

Identify your goals

First things first, let’s take a look at your goals.  We have six more months to go in 2020, and I’m hopeful that we can still take action towards our goals and make an impact. So go, grab your goal’s list, revise, edit, and let’s make an action plan. 

Now let’s take a look at some of your goals that might fit under the category of branding or that you might need to elevate your brand in order to reach that goal. 

Let’s say a new website is on your list. 

 Small action items to get that accomplished might be:

✅new copy that aligns more with your business presently 

✅new photos for different landing pages (main site, bio, contact)

✅changing your brand colors or logo

✅adding a helpful resource like a lead magnet

You have your goal, action items, and now you need to find the time. 

Decide which day of the week will be your “elevate your brand day”.  

Yes, we’re going to give it a name and a specific time slot on our weekly calendar that becomes a non-negotiable.  You can start with 30 minutes or if you can, block out 90 minutes.  

Drive all of your focus and energy into the one thing that you’re working on, and I promise you that if you do the work, those small steps, those small chunks of time will add up to big results. 

Don’t forget to give yourself room for grace, but no excuses. If you need to decide each week what day that week will be best, it’s okay to do that too. 

Who’s ready to elevate their brand this week?

Join the conversation here inside the Facebook Community and share one thing you’re working on this week.



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