October 1, 2013

Welcome: 31 Days:: Day 1 | Wedding Planning

Welcome to 31 Days of Wedding Planning, Tips, & Advice for Today’s Bride! This is going to be an exciting 31 Days, and I hope that you will join me each day.  For the next 31 Days, D’s Family Photography will feature tips and advice from recent brides, event planners, hair and makeup artists, DIY ideas, and many other helpful features that I hope will inspire you as you plan your big day.  There are many things to consider as you plan your wedding, and for the next 31 Days we will cover a range of topics.

Do you have a question that you like’d to have answered?  Leave a comment below, and I will see if we can get an answer for you.


wedding planning

D’s Family Photography is a small part of an even larger group of 31 Day series.  Follow this link for more 31 Day topics that you might be interested in.



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