October 2, 2013

31 Days:: Location, Location, Location | Wedding Venue

Location, Location, Location!

First things first, let’s book your ceremony and reception venue. When I was planning my wedding, 16 years ago, I knew that I wanted to get married at my church, and have the reception at a different location.  Although our tiny budget trumped our reception dreams,  our reception also ended up at our church.

That was my dream, but maybe your dream is to have an outdoor wedding underneath a tent, or maybe it is to get married barefoot on the beach, or perhaps you want to have a backyard wedding at your parent’s house.  Every bride’s dream  is different, and you want to make sure you secure your location first. A secured location means that you have a place and a date.

Wedding Planning


Here are 5  tips to consider when you are choosing your wedding venue:

1. What is your budget for your wedding venue?

2.  Will the venue be used for both our ceremony and our reception?

3.  How many guests will the venue accommodate?

4.  Do I need to budget for seating or a tent if our wedding is outdoors?

5.  Visit your top venues, and read reviews from brides.


 Where was your ceremony and reception venue?  Brides want to know.  Leave a comment below.

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