February 16, 2015

Winter Storm Neptune

Winter Storm Neptune interrupted the plans of many for this Valentine’s Day weekend.  So what do you do when there’s already two feet of snow on the ground, another storm’s  a’brewing, and it’s Valentine’s Day weekend?  Simple, you make the best of it!  Our plans were to enjoy a dinner and a movie at home, and when I saw this DIY video series I knew it would be perfect for our evening.  Before Neptune rolled in, I started planning.

Valentines Day and Storm Neptune 2015

First, I picked up a beautiful bouquet of flowers at Trader Joe’s that I reassembled into a beautiful arrangement using a glass jar I had around the house.

On Saturday, I spent some of time at the Blessing Barn, which is one of my favorite thrift stores in town.  

They have the most classic vintage pieces from house ware to jewelry. I scored these two beauties, and a group of brass candle holders. Perfect!

Warm toned table setting for Valentine's Day

I love the warm tones of the red in the flowers, our pecan dining table, paired with the copley grey walls.

For dinner, we had lobster bisque, steaks, shrimp, and baked sweet potatoes. Yum!

Copley Gray Dining Room

So, that my friends was our version of making the most of Valentine’s Day when a winter storm packed with another foot of snow was on the way.



  1. Abbey says:

    Are you serious??? This is so beautiful. How nice!!! XOXO

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