November 24, 2015

Prowse Farm Wedding Part II | Lindsay + Jon

An unexpected part two happened for Lindsay and Jon’s Prowse Farm wedding, and I’m glad that it did.  Lindsay even mentioned that she loved her hair better for their post wedding session.  Having a plan b is one that I always consider when photographing a wedding.  I become a meteorologist the week of the wedding in order to properly plan for what extra gear I might need to bring along in case there is a chance for rain.  The day of this beautiful couple’s wedding, we were faced with not only rain, but severe thunderstorms that caused us to evacuate the property and take shelter inside the farmhouse with their guests.  You’d never know after seeing part one of their wedding because their warm smiles and the loved that filled their day clearly trumped the weather conditions.

We were able to meet again not long after they were married for a gorgeous magic hour post wedding session.  To see them beaming as newlyweds had me smiling and saying awww a lot behind the camera.  Lindsay looked just as stunning as she did on their wedding day, and it was such a quiet, relaxed, and peaceful time with just the two of them.

As a bride you never want to think about what if it rains on my wedding day.  However, if it does, having a post wedding session is certainly an option to discuss with your wedding photographer.  Even if it doesn’t rain on your wedding day and you just want to spend more time with your family and friends, this type of session is definitely a good option.  If you’re getting married during the winter when it get darks at 4:30pm and you do not want to have a first look, is one more reason you might consider a post wedding session.

When I suggested this idea to Lindsay and Jon, they were elated.  The day for their bride and groom portraits could not have been more perfect.  Here are some favorites from their day!

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