March 24, 2016

DIY Menu Chalkboard

It’s spring time, and that usually means I have a list of fun DIY projects that I want to complete, and this DIY menu chalkboard has been on my list for a long time.   I love, love, love going to vintage shops and thrift stores to find things to makeover.  Brimfield, I hear you calling my name, and I hope to see you this year!

It seems as though it is taking me forever to decorate our home, but progress is definitely being made to make it feel more like us.  Since my daughter has had a million school projects to complete lately,  I joined her in the garage this weekend with a few cans of spray paint, and ready to tackle my first project – a DIY menu chalkboard.  I picked up a framed picture last year at the Blessing Barn, and I knew it would be perfect for this project.

You can do so many different things with frames!

If you want to try to make your own diy menu chalkboard, you’ll need a frame, spray paint, and chalkboard paint.  Now that is my kind of what I need to complete this project list-easy!

First, I spray painted the frame white.  I let it dry, and then I painted the glass with chalkboard paint.  I tried my best not to get any of the chalkboard paint on my newly sprayed white frame by using a thin paintbrush to outline the boarder of the frame.  After making a thin outline, I painted the inside with the chalkboard paint.

I let it dry for four hours, and then I added another coat of chalkboard paint and let it dry.

Lastly, I went to Pinterest to find a calligraphy font to write “menu”.  This is not necessary, but why not have a cute font, right!

It was super easy, and I love how it turned out!

DIY Meny Chalkboard

DIY menu chalkboard phototulips on counter photohow to make a menu chalkboard photo

Just in case you’re wondering, this is totally our menu for next week:)

Happy Thursday!

-xo, Shawon



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