March 8, 2016

Look Out Rock

Spending time with my family is one of the things that I enjoy the most.  Living miles always from our extended family has definitely made us closely knit.  We have established family traditions that I hope my kids will continue when they have families of their own.  On most Sundays, we have time set aside for what we call family fun.  As our kiddos have gotten older, and our schedules filled with many good things, we have to be even more intentional about this time to make sure it is not pushed to the side.  We want to keep our family’s love bucket filled, and family fun is one of the ways that we do that.

We do all sorts of things like watching movies(it takes about an hour to pick a movie – lol), bike riding, Just Dance competitions, board games, karaoke, ice cream sundaes at Dairy Queen, making cookies, art night, pancake night at IHop, and s’mores night (this was the most memorable for 2015!).

Last year, we had a jar filled with activities that everyone added.  We would take turns each week sometimes going through three choices to figure out what our adventure would be.  The jar was supposed to make the deciding part of what to do for family fun easier, but not so much.

Our time together this week started by clearing out the dining room for some competitive rounds of table tennis.  The laughter is always the best.

Because the days are getting longer, I asked everyone about venturing out to Look Out Rock for part two of family fun.  We haven’t explored our town as much as we’d like, so everyone happily agreed that it would be a great way to end our day.  The short hike through a wooded scape of mature trees and a well worn path opened into the most beautiful scene.  There were a million pictures running through my mind, but here are a few that I actually made.

look out rock -2look out rock -5look out rock -4look out rock -6

I love this picture, and will be printing it for our home.  With a few settings added, I handed the camera off to my son, and he made it.
look out rock -3 I think this will be a spot that we visit often!




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