March 29, 2016

Thank you, Jimmy Fallon

Although I can barely keep my eyes open to watch my favorite late night show on Fridays, I know that I can always catch up later on HULU to watch and enjoy one of my favorites segments of the show.  That show is The Tonight Show starring none other than Jimmy Fallon. The segment that always makes me laugh out loud is Thank You Notes that are “written” and shared on Friday nights.

James’ thank you note writing music and his serious expression are hilarious coupled with Jimmy’s witty humor and perfect comedic timing!  Let me not forget about Hicks and his hysterical shenanigans!  So funny!

Recently, a friend and I were having lunch at Panera and catching up on business and life.  During our conversation, we talked about the lost art of handwritten notes.  We spoke about how even condolences have been replaced by text from our phones or computer keyboards with notes left on our Facebook timelines.

Although her words were not directly addressed at me, I felt myself cringing on the inside at my good intentions of sending handwritten notes through the mail that never happened.

My good intentions to send a handwritten note to say, hey, I’m thinking about you!

My good intentions to send a handwritten note to say, I’m cheering for you!

My good intentions to send a handwritten note to say, I’m sorry for your loss and I’m praying for you.

Sure, my life is filled with many wonderful things like serving at my church, spending time with my family, running a business, teaching classes, and the list goes on, but I know that there is still room.  There is still room for one day out of the week to send out those handwritten notes to give a smile or hug through the mail.

So, thank you Jimmy Fallon for the laughs when you write your thank you notes!

And, thank you to my sweet friend for extending grace to me when my good intentions of a handwritten note never came to fruition.

Just in case you’ve never heard a round of Jimmy Fallon’s Thank You Notes, here’s a treat to get your Tuesday started!

Have a wonderful day!

-xo, Shawon



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