March 22, 2016

Why I Need a Personal Stylist

A personal chef, fresh cut flowers delivered weekly, and a personal stylist are a few things that I need in my life. My aunt and I were doing some serious dreaming over the weekend about having a personal chef – I love her!

While I have been purging my closet and preparing for the real spring weather to arrive, the thought of having a personal stylist sounds really good.  When my kids openly laugh at me in front of their friends for wearing my favorite chill out brown velour jumpsuit, I guess it’s time for me to get rid of a few things.  (Sidenote:  That outfit is my translation of yoga pants-just saying)

Back to the personal stylist, and why I need one!  I imagine her writing down what I like to wear, the colors that I love, words that describe my personality and style, what I do for work and fun,  and she might even want to know how I feel about accessories. She is going to listen and take notes to ensure that my wardrobe is going to make me smile and look smashing.

You know that outfit that makes your friends say, oh my goodness that looks!

Yeah, my stylist is going to do that for me.

Your personal stylist is going to make sure that the clothes delicately selected for you are going to make you look and feel fabulous before you even step out of your front door.  You know the outfit that you can’t wait to wear again, and you take tons of selfies that you may or may not post on Instagram.  And she even found you the perfect pair of jeans, that are great dressed up or down!

Those warm feelings that I have about a personal stylist are the same ones that I have when I think about the couples that I get to serve.  You tell me about your favorite music, who has the best dance moves, your first date, how you make each other laugh, how he proposed, and what you enjoy doing when you’re together.  All of the details that make your relationship unique, fun, and bring you joy.

When those specials details about you are shared, you have pictures to hang on your wall and share with your friends who say,

oh my goodness, that looks!


When you’re having snow days in the spring, you can look at a picture that brings you joy and makes you smile when all you want is for it to be spring already.

When he’s away traveling for work and you’re counting down the days for him to be home again, and that one silly picture that makes you laugh out loud and even more excited for his return.

So, while we wait for warmer spring days together, I’m going to enjoy my fresh cut tulips that I picked up from Whole Foods, and maybe, just maybe I will consider parting with my jumpsuit.

Happy Tuesday!








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