April 12, 2016

One for the Guys

It’s time for the groom to get ready, and he is excited to don his dapper bowtie.  With his bowtie in one hand, and the how to tie a bowtie instructions in the other he looks around the room at his groomsmen in desperation for someone to figure this thing out.  After some time has passed and numerous failed attempts, he considers going tie less.

Maybe she won’t notice.  Maybe I’ll start a new trend.  Maybe the photographer can photoshop it in-LOL

Have no fear, the internet, Google, and Youtube are here to solve all of your bowtie tying problems.


My husband loves wearing bowties!  I remember him standing in front of the mirror a few times with a video on his phone to get his bowtie just right.

I found this tutorial that I will be bookmarking on my phone and have ready on wedding days when the guys might need some help.  I’m also going to practice it myself because I definitely can not photoshop it in-haha.

And I bet with a few rounds of practice, your groom will be ready on wedding day to tie the best bowtie.


Here is a link to the how to tie a bowtie video tutorial: https://youtu.be/AEjF-MzzqaE

Happy Tuesday!

-xo, Shawon





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