April 19, 2016

What to do with Engagement Pictures | Part 2

I hope you enjoyed part one of what to do with your engagement pictures.  The autograph mat is definitely a favorite!  Another fun way to use your engagement pictures is on your tables at the reception.  tewksbury-country-club-wedding-1


You could print your favorite photos with something about you and your love on on the front or back of your picture.  You could display one on each table for your guest as part of your table setting.   I think your guest would love this, and it’s one more way to personalize your wedding day. You can keep easy by making labels, using a stamp, or handwriting them since they would only be for your tables.  Here are a few ideas of things to include on the back of your photos:

10 things you didn’t know about us…

A few of our favorite things…

What I love about her…

What I love about him…

What we most look forward to after we’re married…

Choose one, or mix it up for each table.

I hope you enjoyed this idea!  Stay tuned for Part Three…

Happy Tuesday!

-xo, Shawon






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