November 30, 2016

Boston Esplanade Engagement Photos | Massachusetts Photographer | Nina + Jared

The Massachusetts Avenue bridge connected their worlds. She was a student at Northeastern and him at MIT. Their paths would
eventually cross during their sophomore year of college and a friendship began. That friendship blossomed, and on New Year’s Eve 2015, Nina said yes to Darbs.

She gives to others in her work each day, and that giving spirit flows to her relationship with Jared as he admires that she helps him to be
the very best version of himself. His kindness for his Nina is both gentle and reassuring.

During their engagement session along the Boston Esplanade, they held hands, snuggled up cheek to cheek, laughed at each other’s jokes,
and there was a conversation or two whispered in ears about plans for dinner.

Selfies of the two of them together from their everyday life and adventures in Jamaica, Belize, and Costa Rica can now be framed around pictures
from their Boston Esplanade engagement photos and very soon their wedding day.

It didn’t take any time at all for these best friends to forget about footsteps around them and enjoy this sweet time together. At times it seemed as though a piece of the Esplanade emptied just for the two of them.

They sat closely together smiling together from ear to ear during their preview session. Glances back and forth, and Nina saying, “Oh my gosh, is this us!! Look at us!!”are still fresh in my mind. The hearing, seeing and feeling my client’s joy is one of the why’s behind everything that I do, and I can’t wait to get their favorite image into their hands.

I’m looking forward to meeting their family and friends next year for their wedding at Endicott Estate. They are a beautiful couple, and what an honor to be part of their day and cheer them on in their marriage!

Congratulations, Nina and Jared (Darbs:)!!

Here are a few favorites from their engagement session.

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