February 9, 2017

3 Tips for an Unplugged Wedding Ceremony

A few brides recently asked me about having an unplugged wedding ceremony, and today I want to share three tips for an unplugged wedding ceremony.

But first…

A few weeks ago one of my kiddos was the host for an event held at their school.

I sat in the audience with a stomach full of butterflies and a smile that stretched across my face.

As the show was getting ready to start, I decided to dig my phone out of the largest purse ever to take a few pics of my baby or better yet record some video and take pics.

However, I had a small problem. I didn’t know how to switch between photo and video and the show was starting.

There were also other huge decisions I needed to make such as: should I live-stream it on Facebook, add it to my Instastory, what about Snapchat, or take a few pictures and text them out to family members.

After frantically pressing buttons and asking another kiddo for an impromptu tutorial, I realized that I was missing out. I was behind my screen trying to figure out settings on my phone and everyone else was engaged, connected, and already laughing at the first joke.

As a bride, I’d want my guests to be present during my ceremony. I’d want them to enjoy the moment with me as I’m walking down the aisle on one of the most special days of my life. I’d want to see faces smiling back at me, and not a blaring phone screen. I’d want to see, hear, and feel the cheering as we walked back down the aisle together as husband and wife.

So, how exactly can you have an unplugged ceremony?have your guests blow bubbles or rice after your ceremony to give them something to do to have an unplugged wedding ceremony

3 Tips for an Unplugged Wedding Ceremony

  1. Ask – that’s right. Simply ask your guests to put their phones away during the ceremony. Let them know how important it is to you and your fiance that they are present and enjoying this beautiful time with you. Add a special line to your announcements when sending out your invitations perhaps on the RSVP card, or add it to your wedding website.
  2. Give the something to do – Put something in their hands like bubbles to blow as you’re walking back down the aisle.
  3. Ask again – Our phones have become such a huge part of lives that it’s become second nature to take them out to snap away. Kindly remind your guests again before entering the ceremony with a cute sign to silence their phones, put them away, and to be present with you.

Those are my three easy, peasy tips to have an unplugged ceremony. I hope you find this helpful as you continue your wedding planning! Feel free to share it with any of your friends who are engaged!

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