May 9, 2017

What Should I Wear for Engagement Pictures?

Every bride wants to know what should I wear for engagement pictures?

Let’s face it, you want to look, feel, and confidently show up beautiful and smashing for your engagement session photos.


Today, I’m sharing a few tips to consider as you think about what should I wear for engagement session pictures.

5 Tips: What to Wear for Engagement Pictures

Engagement Pictures at Boston Public gardens photo

First things first, let’s start with the ladies.

Tip #1: Shop your closet first! Yes, go take a look in your closet and pull out your favorites. You know the favorites that you’d wear on repeat for date nights.

Tip #2: Okay, so you’ve worn your favorite on repeat too many times and you want something different. I get it! I suggest heading to your favorite store or stores to do some shopping. Choose colors that you know are great on you and brands that fit you best. For instance, blues and earth tones are the go-to colors for me, and I know that I can always find something in a pinch at some of my favorites like Ann Taylor, The Loft, JCrew, and of course, JC Penney.

Tip #3: If shopping your closet and taking a trip to your favorite store fails because who can find something when they need to. That only happens when you don’t need to buy anything. Right?! I digress. If those two tips fail, my last solution is to head over to One of my brides had multiple events going on during the same season that she was planning her wedding, so an unlimited subscription to Rent the Runway was perfect for her and she had two designer looks for her engagement session.

Tip #4: Consider your session location and choose colors and your wardrobe style to match.  Session at the beach: Pastels and earth tones work best.  Session in the city:  Earth tones or even more vibrant colors.  Session at the park: Earth tone colors would work well with green trees and flowers.

Tip #5: Two Outfits. One casual outfit and one dressy outfit would give you a variety in the look of your engagement photos.

After you’ve gotten your outfit selected, it will be simple, I hope, to find coordinating choices for your guy!

Have fun preparing for your engagement session, and start with these tips for what should I wear for engagement pictures.

Want to know more about my experience with Rent the Runway, check out this post. It was one of my best days ever!  Want some ideas of what to do with your Engagement Session Pictures, check out this post!



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