November 15, 2017

Fall Beacon Hill Engagement Photos | Stacy + Nathan

Today, I’m excitedly sharing a sneak peek from Stacy and Nathan’s make-you-smile engagement session from last Friday. Read more about their story and enjoy a few favorites from their fall Beacon Hill engagement photos.

I know I’m going to smile the entire time while writing this because Stacy and Nathan kinda have that effect on you.

This lovely couple met in the big city of NYC over five years ago. They closed down the restaurant on their first date together and I would say the seed was planted for a beautiful relationship.

I believe it was their third date that made me chuckle the most as Nathan swiped up Stacy’s eggroll to enjoy every single bite only to discover later that she’d placed that eggroll order that he enjoyed. Whoops!

Although Stacy was looking forward to that eggroll, no eggroll could come between the feelings that they had for one another. They had become best friends and they both knew that they had found the one.

They love hiking, good food, and spending time together.

They have a favorite farm that they also love and while visiting one weekend for a sheep shearing festival Nathan had plans of proposing to Stacy.

Although a few interruptions that included a marching band playing and an unexpected step into something not so pleasant, Nathan found the perfect moment to propose after returning from the car with a bottle of water that Stacy had asked for.

Ladies, the next time you ask your love for a bottle of water, you just might get a ring with that request.

You would never know, from their smiles, that it was probably one of the coldest days that we’ve had this fall. We had a fun time strolling around Beacon Hill in between breaks to warm up.

Acorn Street is one of the most photographed streets in Boston, but I’m glad we were able to make a stop there to get some pictures to capture the Boston charm with the quintessential cobblestone streets and historic row houses.

Stacy and Nathan, you made me smile from the moment you shared your wedding day vision and the movie Sabrina with me! I’m so happy for you two, and I look forward to celebrating with you next year!! xo, Shawon

Here are a few favorites from their Fall Beacon Hill engagement photos.

Fall Beacon Hill Engagement photosFall Beacon Hill Engagement photosFall Beacon Hill Engagement photosFall Beacon Hill Engagement photosFall Beacon Hill Engagement photos



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