August 1, 2018

A Look Inside My Studio | Shawon Davis Photography Studio Tour

Today, I am thrilled to share a look inside my studio and show you some before and afters of the new space.

I am grateful for a beautiful space that I get to walk into every day. These are the words that I would say out loud to myself as I walked through the door, up the low-lit staircase, and finally to the door of #206.  Sitting at my favorite table and looking out the window with a heart of gratitude, I would write my list of to-dos that I wanted to accomplish for the day, review my goals, dream, and then get to work.  I never thought it was possible to have a studio of my own, to dream, to create, to meet with clients, host my first photography workshop, have photoshoots and welcome other women in business to collaborate and meet for coffee.

You see, #206 was my very first studio and it was the beautiful space that I got to walk into every single day. I have always believed in using what I have and making it work. That’s just what I did at #206.

Although I did not foresee moving my studio location, God opened a huge door for me to a space that was not available when I first began looking into having a studio.

I don’t know if you remember, but a long time ago I was a Realtor. Yes, you read that right :).

As a Realtor, I had to help my clients see the possibilities of a home being a fit for them.  We’d have conversations like, your sofa could go here, you can change the paint color, and the carpets can be removed and you could add hardwood floors.  One of my jobs was to help them see the potential.

When I first saw my new studio space, I was certainly walking in the shoes of seeing the possibilities and looking past…well a lot of things.  You’ll see the before pictures.

I knew the space had potential, and with some creativity, paint, floors, a window and furniture it would be perfect.

I am grateful for a beautiful space that I get to walk into every day.  These are the words that said out loud to myself walking through the door of #206 and these are the words that I say now.

I am grateful for a space to create, dream, work every day, meet with wedding clients, have portrait and headshot photoshoots, host photography workshops, and welcome other women in business (that’s happening tonight with my team from the Women’s Success Network).

Thank you for being a part of my journey, I hope to see you soon, a party is going to happen,  and here’s a look inside my studio.

A Look Inside My Studio

a look inside my studio

The Before. I said YES as soon as saw the space and it looked exactly like what you see in the picture. I snapped pictures with my phone and sent a message to my husband. What do you think he said? 🙂 A wall was added to the corner storage room you see on the right. I wanted to created a tucked away space for my computer and desk.  What you don’t see in the AFTER pic below are the cabinets that I added for storage and a counter for COFFEE in my office area. It’s a tiny room, but if you come by or if I do a live video I’ll show it to you!

a look inside the wedding and portrait photography studio of shawon Davis

If only I could have fresh flowers every, single, day!  Anbody else? I love having my desk separated from the main space. I purchased those sheer curtains from IKEA and they help me to tuck away even more when clients are in the chair for hair and makeup. You know I also love to chat and we’d end up here for hours if I were talking the whole time:)

This is the hair and makeup area for clients coming in for photo shoots for Personal Branding, Headshots, and fun Portrait sessions. Hair and makeup in the beautiful images you see on the card is by Melissa with M.A.W Beauty Studio, Bebe Simone Professional Makeup, and Sarah Stylz with MG Salon.  I will be adding a monthly Social Media Subscription Plan for photos authentic to your brand to use for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, your Newsetter, you name it. A monthly photo shoot for YOUR brand! YES! More to come!

A new window was added, flooring, a can or two of white paint, 500 trips to Home Goods, hours on Wayfair and VOILA!! I enjoyed the entire process!! Waiting was the hardest, oh and putting nails in the wail, and deciding on pictures to hang in my office space:)

So that’s a look inside my studio! Thank you again for being a part of my journey and I hope to see you soon! And yes, I finally have photos in those frames:) Follow me on Instagram to see more day-to-day Behind the Scenes!

Shawon Davis Photography is located at 161 Main St. Medway, MA at the Medway Mills.



  1. Marjorie Turner Hollman says:

    Goodness–such a transformation–much more powerful with the contrast of before,then after.what a big change. So happy for you! 

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