September 26, 2018

Why Every Couple Should Have a Wedding Day Photo Timeline

It’s Wedding Wednesday – yay! Today, I’m sharing some tips from my experience as a wedding photographer and why every couple should have a wedding day photo timeline.

A free wedding day photo timeline that every couple needs to have a stress free wedding day by Shawon Davis.

One of the key essentials of any wedding day is the wedding day timeline. As a wedding photographer, one of my responsibilities is to help my couples create a wedding day photo timeline. Having a wedding day photo timeline is one way to ensure that your day will run as smooth as possible when it comes to getting the pictures that you want.

As an experienced wedding photographer, I know how much time it will take for a family photo list consisting of 10 photos or 20 photos, how much time you’d need for getting hair and makeup done and what options you have if you’re still deciding whether or not to have a first look.

Knowing the timing of things is important. I have experienced 100 wedding days, and counting, that has only added to my ability to help my couples create a thoughtful and well-planned wedding day timeline.

I recently told one of my couples that if this wedding photographer gig doesn’t work out, I’ll consider becoming a wedding planner. I kid, I kid.

But honestly, I love the wedding day timeline planning process! It’s when all of the details seem real. Walking through your day is the best!

About two-three months before their wedding date, my couples will receive a wedding day questionnaire from me. This questionnaire is about all of the details of their day to help me put together a draft of their timeline.

After I have a draft prepared, the three of us will have a video call to walk through their day.

When my couples approve their photo timeline, I share the photo timeline with the venue coordinator and event planner to make sure that we are all in sync.

Because of the timeline, my couples will know what time I’m arriving, what time hair and makeup should be complete, what time flowers need to arrive at the getting ready location, and when we should have the beautiful bride get into her gown (one of my favorite parts of the day).

Having a wedding day photo timeline is essential when it comes to having your day run as smooth as possible. As a bonus, I always try to add in buffers of 5 minutes here and there for small hiccups and to also give my couples time to breathe and enjoy their day. It goes by fast!

I LOVE being a resource for my brides and I want their day to be as stress-free as possible. Today I’m sharing a free timeline with you!

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