October 10, 2018

10 Questions to Create Your Wedding Day Timeline

Happy Wednesday! After sharing why having a wedding day timeline is important with you last week, today I thought I’d share the 10 questions to create your wedding day timeline that your photographer should ask you to begin planning a stress-free wedding day.

Having a wedding day timeline is important, and asking the right questions to prepare that timeline is even more important.

Every wedding day is different for various reasons. One couple might have a small intimate backyard wedding, another might not have a wedding party, and another couple might have a 200 plus person guest list. After having photographed 100 weddings, I have experienced all of these scenarios and many, many more.

Today, I’m sharing 10 Questions to Create Your Wedding Day Timeline, but there are many more questions to ask.

Knowing the right questions to ask each couple based on the needs for their wedding day is essential.

Because every couple’s day is different, I have a list of about 30 Questions that I ask to help prepare their wedding day timeline.

Today, I’m sharing my top 10 Questions to ask to help prepare your wedding day timeline.

10 Questions to Create Your Wedding Day Timeline

10 Questions to Create Your Wedding Day Timeline by Shawon Davis Photography. Grab your Freebie! http://eepurl.com/dJSZdQ


  1. What are the adresses for getting ready, the ceremony and reception?
  2. Would you like to have a first look?
  3. What is the size of your wedding party? How many bridesmaids? How many groomsmen?
  4. Flower girl and ringbearer? Names and ages? *naps and snacks are REAL and as your photographer, knowing the ages of the littles in the wedding party is helpful.
  5. What time is the ceremony, and how long will it be?
  6. Is it a religious ceremony? As your photographer, I want to be prepared to anticipate moments and what will happen.
  7. Do you need any special permits for additional photo locations? *Boston Public Gardens
  8. Are there any professional games or big runs/walks happening on your wedding day? *Boston *Foxboro
  9. What family photos would you like? Names of all family members for photos? Do you have someone who can make sure if everyone is present for family photos? (especially for large groups)
  10. What time does your reception start? I want to get you there on time and would love to have you join some of your cocktail hour!

Bonus: As a wedding photographer, one thing that you will want to know is sunset time.

Those are 10 Questions to Create Your Wedding Day Timeline, but there are many more questions to ask!

Want more, grab my complete list of 30 Questions to Create Your Wedding Day Timeline:



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