November 28, 2018

Three Questions to Ask Your Wedding Videographer Before Booking

This week’s Wedding Wednesday features three questions that every couple should ask your wedding videographer before booking them for your day.

Choosing an amazing, creative vendor team for your wedding day can be challenging and daunting, I get it!  I love being a resource to my couples, and referring them to other great vendors is one way in which I do that.   

Lately, I’ve been thinking about my favorite videographers and why I love working with them so much. I discovered that what I loved most was that our shooting style was similar, photojournalistic in approach, and we honestly worked seamlessly together with the couple as our main focus-it was all about them.

We both had enough time in the timeline that was needed for both beautiful photographs and a beautiful film. We showed up to serve our couples to beautifully capture their day. We were a team for them!  

I reached out to one of my favorite videographers, Lisa Serino, owner of Next Level Films, to share three questions that every couple should ask your wedding videographer before booking them for your wedding day.




Lisa Serino, owner of Next Level Films shares three questions to ask before booking your wedding videographer on the blog today for Wedding Wednesday!  See more:

From Lisa:

This may sound like an obvious one, but it is really important. Who will be my videographer the day of the event, is this guaranteed?

In this world of technology, there are a lot of ways to show your work online, and that work can actually be completed by someone else. Many companies have teams or second shooters that they choose to bring with them based on an event. The person you may be speaking with may not be the actual shooter on your wedding day, and that would be important to me as a bride or groom. The connection you have with your videographer is really important and helps you feel comfortable being on camera during your wedding day. You are trusting them with capturing some of the most intimate moments of your life, so being able to meet that person in advance is really awesome- even if it’s via a video chat, it is so helpful to have already made that connection.

How do you prepare for a wedding- how do you know who to focus on and what is important to capture?

A videographer should go into the day having a plan. yes, there is a timeline, but a videographer really needs to have priorities throughout the day because there are multiple things happening at once, along with setting up/break down of equipment at various locations. It could be easy for them to miss a portion of the day that you were expecting to be covered, or have only a quick snapshot of a moment incorporated in your film when you wanted it to be a special feature. Having a conversation and organized method for knowing what is important to the couple will allow the videographer to make the best decisions on the day of.

What is your shooting style and how does this work with other vendors?

One of the things that’s the most important is getting a sense of how well everyone can collaborate on the day of. The reality is everyone has separate jobs to do, but it really helps when your vendors are willing to be flexible and go above and beyond in their planning and service in order to make things work best for the couple. This is how an event becomes flawless- because often times there are hiccups and things that come up during a wedding day that can be difficult for a couple to deal with, but when you have a great vendor team, they can solve these problems before they arise, and you can just trust that everything is taking care of.

I hope that these questions will be helpful as you consider booking a wedding videographer.  Lisa is certainly one of my favorites! She and her husband Chris are amazing! Check out Cap and David’s wedding that we worked on together last year! 

Here’s where you can find Lisa:

Website: Next Level Films

Instagram: @NextLevelFilms

Facebook: Next Level Films

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