May 2, 2019

Wedding Day Gear Checklist

It’s officially been wedding season for me since March, and gradually my weekends will be filled back to back to with joy, love, and the most amazing couples celebrating one of the best days of their lives.

When I was a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom, I had a system for everything. My days were filled, and having systems and checklists in place to help me to juggle all the things. I’m so thankful for not only the systems that I learned to create as we walked through different seasons, but I’m also thankful for being able to share those systems with other moms.

I found out very early in my photography business that systems and checklists were going to be crucial to manage the day-to-day, create an amazing client experience and also be important on the day of the wedding day.

Today, I’m sharing my wedding day gear checklist. I can not tell you how useful this checklist is! It helps me to make sure that everything that I need on a wedding day is packed and ready to go. It also helps me to leave with everything that I arrived with.

Why you need a wedding day gear checklist?

Raise your hand if you’ve ever left a lens caps or light stand at the reception? Please tell me I’m not the only one. I’m also thankful for my assistants who make sure that lens caps are placed back on lenses when I’m in overdrive on a wedding day.

I print out my list for every wedding that I shoot. It’s duplicated on a single sheet of paper that I fold in half to check off before I leave home and at the end of the wedding day when I’m packing up to leave.

So, what’s on my checklist? Here’s a quick view, and you can download all the deets below to make your own! Enjoy!

Cameras: D750 x2 with batteries
Camera Backup bag: D700 x2 with batteries
Extra Camera Batteries /Charger for Camera Batteries
Lenses Read more about my favorite lenses here.
Memory Cards/Waistpouch
Profotos, Transmitter, Batteries & Charger
Eneloops charged
Yongnuo Speedlights x2 and Transmitter
SB 700s x2 and Backup Pocket Wizards
Safety Pins, hand san, personals, trashbag, water, snacks, sandwich
Command Hook, Camera cleaning gear, Lens wipes



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