July 31, 2019

How to Have an Unplugged Wedding Ceremony | Wedding Wednesday

Did you see my Facebook Live Event a few weeks ago when I shared tips on how to have an unplugged wedding ceremony?

If you missed it, you can watch it here! I walked through the three main parts of your wedding day and shared many tips that I’ve learned and share with my couples after being part of over 100 wedding days and counting.

Today, I want to share with you one of those tips that I covered or rather a question that I’ve been asked by my couples.

That question is how do we have an unplugged wedding ceremony.

Here are my tips for how to have an unplugged wedding ceremony!

1. A cute sign!   Yes, a cute sign at the entrance of your ceremony venue where your guests will enter and it can be seen as they make their way to their seats.

2. Official announcement.   Have your officiant make an announcement at the beginning of your ceremony asking your guests to put away their phones and be present with you.

3. Programs work too! Have a special note to your guests on the back of your program, or somewhere that’s eye-catching, that kindly asks that they join in your day and stay unplugged from their phones during the ceremony.

Bonus: Give them something to do with their hands! When you’re walking back down the aisle you want them to cheer you and celebrate with you. Give them bubbles to blow, lavender to toss, or streamers to wave.

how to have an unplugged wedding ceremony

I hope that you find these tips helpful. Your guests will be present and celebrating with you, and your photos down the aisle will look amazing with everyone cheering you on
Are you planning to have an unplugged wedding ceremony? If so, which tip might you use or do you have another that you’d like to share. Leave me a comment below.

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

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