I sat at my favorite table in my office.  The table where I make a mess on Mondays, brainstorm, and chat about business ideas with friends.  I sit here to meet with myself each month to reflect and review my goals. While I’m usually excited to review my goals because I love checking off my […]

the power of gratitude photo


We’ve all been there, or at least I have, it’s a New Year and you want to set resolutions but you can’t seem to remember what your resolutions were from the previous year. I think it’s time to say goodbye to post it note new year resolutions that you won’t find at the end of […]

Tips to say goodbye to New Year Resolutions by Shawon Davis Photography


Making pictures for this intimate wedding inspiration shoot was so much fun. It was inspired by the song ‘1000 years’ by Christina Perri which is a favorite of mine and on my wedding playlist. Every wedding day is unique to the bride and groom, and I decided to style an intimate feel for a small intimate […]

ideas for a small wedding


When creating this styled New England wedding inspiration shoot, the first thing that came to mind was the color Navy.  I’m certain that is because no matter what the popular color wedding trends are, navy is definitely a classic that will stand the test of time.  Not only is it a classic color, but it […]

Spring wedding ideas for a New England


A classic black tie wedding will never go out of style. This classic black tie wedding inspiration shoot was also inspired by Ed Sheeran’s love song Thinking Out Loud that is sure to be a wedding day favorite this year. I love the lyrics, Sheeran’s smooth vocals, and it’s definitely on my playlist.  The song was […]

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