October 7, 2013

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Please welcome Sandy Frechette.  Sandy is a professional wedding consultant at Quality Rental with over 13 years of experience and a background in floral design.  Quality Rental is a 3rd generation family run rental business which opened in 1969.  It has become the premier wedding rental supplier of Southern New England.  Sandy enjoys wedding and party planning as these events mean a great deal to her customers.  The satisfaction of assisting people in making their uniquely memorable and desirable outcome is a rewarding experience.

Sandy, Brides want to know:

Do you offer consultations to help me select linens, dinnerware, or seating?  We offer free consultations with our wedding professionals.  We guide our customers in planning.  We also offer free on-site tent measurements.  These services give early planners a great advantage in preparation and preparing a time-table.  We also have large showrooms that display a majority of our rental equipment.  We have a sample table in our showroom to create custom linen and dinnerware combinations.  We encourage brides to use our rental materials or bring in their own to create their own vision prior to the event.

Wedding day party rentals

If I rent a tent for a backyard wedding, what other things should I consider? Tent weddings have always been a popular choice and are still trending up.  Tent events give you the freedom of complete customization, especially on private property.  Customization options include various side walls, lighting, fans, and accessories.  A tent should be reserved in advance just as one would reserve a venue.  We recommend planning 6 months in advance; however most people begin planning a year prior to their event.  This gives ample time to plan specific details and will also make the process more enjoyable.  If needed, we can accommodate last minute orders.  Tent installation can be done a couple days in advance to give ample time for setup and decoration of the interior.  Having a tent often requires permitting from the city in which the tent is being installed.

Are there new wedding trends in 2014? Many of our clients are planning their 2014 weddings now. We are seeing some wide varieties of color.  Many shades of blues, greens, and pinks appear to be popular. Oranges and yellows are very strong accent colors.  It is also a big year for mixing in bold patterns.  2014 will be a wedding season more about using color than any other year we have seen in recent memory.  The vintage look, also popular for the past 2 years, is still going strong.  The use of glass and crystal is beautiful and can be mixed and matched.  Lots of bare wood decor and lace are incorporated into weddings as accents.

Thank you, Sandy!

If you would like more information, or to visit and plan your wedding event with Quality Rental, please contact them at:

1-800-842-7368 or 401-725-0928



www.facebook.com/Quality Rental

Do you have a wedding planning questions that you’d like to have answered?  If so, email me at dsfamilyphoto@gmail, and if possible, we will get an answer for you!  

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