October 15, 2014

Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary

How are you going to celebrate your wedding anniversary this year?  Dinner, an anniversary gift, or perhaps a get away are all typical and fantastic ways to celebrate your anniversary.  Another memorable way to celebrate, is to document your anniversary with a photo session.   Plan a session around what you both enjoy doing, where you first met, where he proposed, a favorite place that you enjoy spending time together, or even plan a picnic.  The ideas are endless to make it extraordinary.

I’m so happy to announce the Anniversary Collection!!   Don’t let your wedding day be the last time that you and your main squeeze are photographed together.The Anniversary Collection is for couples celebrating marriage. Whether you’re celebrating year one, five, or twenty-five, document who you are and whom you love in a way that will tell your story for years to come.

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The Anniversary Collection session is 2 hours with me, two outfit changes, and the location of your choice. When your session is over, head out to dinner and enjoy the rest of the evening together.

To book an Anniversary Collection session, contact me at shawon@shawondavis.com or 401-871-9600.



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