March 9, 2017

Grand Opening Medway Massachusetts Wedding Photographer | New Studio

It’s Official – the Grand Opening of Shawon Davis Photography as a local Medway Massachusetts Wedding Photographer!!

One thing that I’ve learned after having a business for over 5 years is to celebrate every milestone, goal, and small win.  This week has been full of celebrating the studio’s Grand Opening as a local Medway Massachusetts Wedding Photographer.  While the studio has a presence in the local community of Medway, I will continue to photograph weddings in Boston and other New England towns and cities.  This year I also get to travel for a destination wedding in Naples, Florida!  Speaking of destinations, I would love to photograph a wedding in Maine.

So, how did this all happen?!  One of my goals for 2017 was to open a studio, and for some reason, it wouldn’t leave my heart.  Anthony had to listen to me talk about it a lot.  I love him!!

Well, two days after Christmas, I texted a friend, who’s also a fantastic realtor, to ask her if she would help me find a studio space.  I shared with her everything that I was looking for in a space, and immediately she started sending me listings.  I forgot to tell her that I was hoping to actually be in a space in June.  You know I had my own plans of course!

One of the listings fit well within what I was looking for, and she asked if I wanted to go take a look it.  At this time, I’m sitting in a corner in the children’s section of Border’s bookstore trying to whisper and downplay my excitement.  With the biggest smile on my face, we plan to meet in half an hour.

I’ve made many big decisions as a business owner, but this was one of the biggest and I was scared and excited and nervous and a million what-ifs ran across my mind.  You know the what-ifs that suck the life out of your dreams and always leave you with a list of I wish I would haves.

On my drive home, I said a prayer asking God for things to go smoothly if it was meant to be.

The afternoon of the AFC Championship game, I got a call that my new space was ready and that I could pick up the keys.  Ahhhhhh!!!  I begged Anthony to leave the game during halftime and we were off to pick up the keys.

The next weeks would be filled with trips to IKEA, Hobby Lobby, transferring my business from Mendon to Medway, and making the studio feel like home.  I knew that I wanted the space to feel warm, welcoming and inviting.  I wanted a space where my clients could come, stay a while and not feel rushed to leave.

I’m thankful for all of the wonderful people that photography has connected me to, and it was truly a blessing to get to celebrate with them, with YOU, this week.  Tuesday night it was great to see friends, family, past clients, and even some of my 2017 wedding clients. Last night wrapped up the celebration with hosting the women of WSN, an organization that I’m part of and also serve on the board.  It was an incredible night of sharing quotes in response to International Women’s Day, building relationships, and meeting new faces.

I want to say thank you to Chris with Clever Bride Consignments who brought in a lovely gown that you’ll see below, and Katydid Flowers made a beautiful arrangement for this girl who loves flowers.  I had the pleasure of interviewing them both last year, and you can read more about them here: Katydid Flowers, Clever Bride.

My heart is filled with gratitude to have a space to meet with wedding clients, gather with other business owners, host photography workshops, and offer headshots!!

Thank you so much for the text messages, phone calls, emails, flowers, and messages on Instagram and Facebook.  If you couldn’t make it out this week, you’re always welcomed to stop by and say hello.  The only thing missing was Red Velvet Cupcakes, but at least we had cupcakes, right?!:)

Thank you!!!  Cheers!!!



Medway Massachusetts Wedding Photographer




Shawon Davis Photography, a local Medway Massachusetts Wedding Photographer is available for weddings in Boston and other New England cities and towns. Shawon is currently booking 2018 weddings, and would love to chat with you about your wedding day! Contact her here.




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