May 29, 2018

My Journey to Becoming a Photographer | Part II

Happy Tuesday!  I hope that you had a fantastic weekend!  Getting a few steps closer to the new studio being finished was certainly a highlight for me.  It felt so good on my drive in this morning knowing that I could get in and get straight to work.  I can not wait to share before and after pictures with you.  If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you’ve seen some of the behind the scene progress.

Today, I’m excited to share Part II of my journey to becoming a photographer.  I guess it’s time for me to upgrade my YouTube account so that I can choose the thumbnail.  I think they purposefully chose this thumbnail to make me upgrade – haha!  Well, I hope you can get past my thumbnail image or at least it will give you a great laugh.  You’re welcome :-).

I hope you enjoy hearing more about my story and the reason I LOVE what I get to do with all my heart.

Happy Tuesday, and I hope you enjoy it! Watch Part I here.

Feel free to leave a comment below.  Yes, it can be about my thumbnail 🙂



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