January 29, 2020

Your Wedding Photos, Your Story

Your wedding photos hold the stories of the most important people in your life. 

Years from now, what will matter most from your wedding day will be the people who were there and the memories that were made. You will cherish the photos that show the expressions on your faces as you said your vows, placed your rings on one another and threw your hands in the air with celebration as you walked back down that aisle together. 

As a wedding photographer, I’ve been given the gift to not only take beautiful pictures but to tell the stories of my couples through timeless, classic, and candid photos from their wedding day.

  • Stories allow us to pass down who we are.
  • Stories bring characters to life.
  • Stories connect us. 
  • Stories shape us. 
  • Stories hold our history. 
  • Stories help us to reflect. 
  • They bring us joy, laughter, and sometimes renewal.  

And your wedding photos capture the story of your love. Of your friendships. Of your grandparent’s legacy. Of your mother’s love. Of your father’s pride. 

Your wedding photos capture it all. 

When I sit down with my brides and grooms, sure, I ask for shots they want to get during their big day. But I also ask: “What do you want to see in twenty years?” 

Imagine sitting together, turning the pages of your wedding album.  Who’s there, what’s going on, and how do you feel?

As they share, I lean in, listen, and most often smile as they tell me their story.

My couples want their children to look back at their wedding photos and see the twinkle in their eyes. 

They want to look back at photos and remember the dancing, the laughter, and the fun they had with their family and friends. 

They want to remember their first look, their big kiss, and the magical atmosphere that appeared just for one day, just for them. 

Then there are the important stories. 

The ones where loved ones lost are still immortalized forever…  smiling and busting a move in celebration of love and a new life ahead.

Or…the reminder stories…when marriage gets hard and they can glance back at the day they committed to love one another in sickness and in health, in good times and bad. 

Your wedding photos are the one piece of your wedding day that will be carried on forever. They are what future generations will hold with them. They are how you will hold with you generations that have gone on. 

Remember, when choosing your wedding photographer, that you want someone who understands the story of your love, of your day. Someone who will help you preserve that story in a way that is authentically you. 

These are the stories that I’m honored to help tell every single week. As my couples turn the pages of their wedding albums, look at framed photos on their wall, or scroll through their favorites on their phone, I want them to smile, not because the photo is beautiful, but because the story behind the photo is their own.

When you think about your wedding day, what story do you want your photos to tell? Let me know in the comments below!



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