February 12, 2020

How To Prepare For Your Headshot Photo

I get to work with the best hair and makeup artists in town at my studio! And, over time, I’ve learned a few things about how to prepare for your photoshoot from these amazing pros.  Their hair and makeup expertise aligned with my knowing a few things about lighting, posing and what looks great for the camera equals absolute magic!

Ready to learn how to prepare for your headshot photo? 

Okay, here we go:

  1. First things first, consider your desired outcome for your photos. Professional, Business Casual, Casual Chic? Do you want a variety?  Knowing this will guide your wardrobe, hair, makeup, and posing. 
  2. Skincare.  Let’s kick your skincare routine up a notch.  Diligently commit to your skincare routine and keep your skin moisturized.  Water is important to our skin, so make sure that you’re staying hydrated leading up to your photoshoot. Continue to use your favorite products, and avoid trying anything new before your photoshoot. 
  3. Hair. We want to add a little oomph to our daily style, but nothing crazy. A blowout is a great option.
  4. Makeup. I know that we want to look as natural as possible in our headshots, and when it comes to makeup that is camera-ready, we want to apply more than what we’d naturally wear so that it looks natural on camera. A professional makeup artist can help you gauge where to land with your makeup application.  In the studio, we have a gradual makeup application chart to help you decide what you’re comfortable with and what we know will look good on camera.
  5. Get your wardrobe ready.  Start in your closet first, and choose colors that you love.  If your brand color isn’t the best on you, consider a complementary color. If you need something new, let’s head out to your pillar store(s).  Your pillar store is the one that you can always count on for your perfect fit and style.
  6. Dryclean, steam, or iron everything that you’re bringing to your shoot. If it looks wrinkled in person, the wrinkles will be magnified on camera.  
  7. Try on your outfits a week or so before your shoot to ensure that you love what you’re wearing. Don’t forget your underpinnings for each outfit.  
  8. Get a good night’s rest, eat a good breakfast, and leave early so you can arrive relaxed.
  9. Be prepared to have fun. 
  10. Imagine how you’re going to feel with new photos for your business.

Making sure you’ve got the right team behind you is really everything. It’s the difference between classy, beautiful photos and old school Glamour Shots!

Live in the greater Boston Metro area?

You can book a spot for a Mini-Luxe Headshot photoshoot. Professional hair and makeup, and a wardrobe consultation are all included.  

I’ve got you covered every step of the way so that you can skip on to tips 9 and 10.

Sound good?  

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