March 5, 2020

3 Reasons You Need Professional Photos

Have you ever felt serious FOMO looking at all the photos of the live events put on by people like Rachel Hollis, Amy Porterfield, and Jasmine Star? I have. In fact, that’s another goal that I need to get on my 2020 list — attend one of those events!

I recently did a Facebook Live talking about the three reasons why you need professional photos from your speaking events, and FOMO is one of those reasons.

I know how much you’re already spending on your event, and why a photographer may not seem like the highest priority.

And sure, everyone will be taking photos with their phones anyway — but do you really want to walk away from an amazing event with a few blurry iPhone photos?

If you are a speaker, or if speaking is something you’re considering getting into, I highly recommend you start looking for a photographer to partner with.

Here’s a few reasons why…

1) You WILL want high-resolution photos from your event to use on your website, social media, and other promotional material. Good quality images will serve you better for writing blog posts and social media, so you can share all the highlights and create a buzz about your next event.

Having professional photos that show you on stage being your amazing self, engaging with your audience, and having fun behind the scenes is a fantastic way to show off all the hard work your team put into making your event the best setting for learning and growth — and make your next event sell even more tickets.

2) Attendees love to share all their favorite moments from the events they attend, so you have the prime opportunity to 10x the sharing and keep the momentum going long past the day of the event. 

Your photos should be ready for sharing within a week of your event, so carve out lots of time to post and encourage your attendees to tag and share. Best case scenario, they will share those photos with a few words about how attending your event gave them the clarity that they needed, or lit a fire in them.

3) Lastly, FOMO. Fear of missing out is real. I feel it a lot, especially when I see pics of my favorite speaker on stage and know that I missed out on a crazy Beyonce dance party. How do I know there was a party? Because I saw the photos… and decided that I’m not missing out again next year. Which is exactly what you want your audience to be thinking!

I love seeing you win, and I hope that these tips are helpful!

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