As the bride you won’t be the one planning your bachelorette party, but you definitely want to look your best when it’s time for a grand night out with your girls.  The fabulous, Jessica and her team from Divinity Day Spa are joining us today to give us ideas for a party and some pampering […]

31 Days::Bachelorette Party

31 Days::Bachelorette Party



As the bride you won’t be the one planning your bachelorette party, but you definitely want to look your best when it’s time for a grand night out with your girls.  The fabulous, Jessica and her team from Divinity Day Spa are joining us today to give us ideas for a party and some pampering for the entire bridal party.  Please welcome, Jessica and her team!  

bachelorette party

Jessica, can you tell us a little about yourself and the team at Divinity Day Spa?:  At the young age of 15, owner Jessica Winnegge went to work for Shear Style by Schelene & Co. sweeping hair and folding towels after school. She worked her way up to receptionist not long after. In the fall after graduating high school, Jessica attended Arthur Angelo Cosmetology School to eventually get her license for Esthetics. She started performing skin care services at Shear Style. Shortly thereafter she ventured out to try something new and went to work at different salons for a different experience. After a few years of working as an esthetician and gaining exposure to different experiences, she realized management was in her future. After consideration, she chose to go back to her original “home” at Shear Style to pursue skin care and take on managerial duties as well. At the age of 24, Shear Style became available for purchase and having a close relationship with owner Schelene, it just seemed natural for Jessica to take over the business.

On January 1, 2004, Divinity Day Spa was founded by Jessica Winnegge and business partner Sheryl Monzon. A building was purchased and the salon was moved from 9 Washington St. to 420 Washington St. Jessica and Sheryl put their whole hearts into renovating and making Divinity what they had always dreamed it to be. June 1, 2004 Divinity opened at its new location at 420 Washington St.

After a few years of hard work and lots of laughs to go with it, Sheryl and Jessica made a decision to end the partnership. Sheryl now owns the building and Jessica owns the salon. Sheryl continues her craft 3 days a week at Divinity and they remain good friends.

In 2012, Jessica gave birth to her first child and has since stepped away from esthetics to focus on the marketing and business side of things to continue to grow Divinity Day Spa while still being able to spend time with her son. January 2014 ,Divinity will be proudly celebrate our 10 year anniversary in business. 

Jessica, Brides want to know:   I don’t like going to the bar and club scene, what other options do I have for a bachelorette party?  Have a spa party! Divinity offers packages specifically for bachelorette parties and bridal parties.  Or, customize your own package to fit your specific favorites just for you. Whether it’s a facial, manicure, or pedicure, we can accommodate you and your party to make it a special day for you to remember.

Jessica, Brides want to know: I would love to get pampered before I go out for my bachelorette party but don’t have time to go to a spa, can I have a spa party at my home? Absolutely. Divinity will travel to accommodate you*. Whether it’s to your home, or a hotel that you want to get ready at, we will come to you with supplies to make you feel amazing before your last night out as a single gal.

Jessica, Brides want to know: Are there special hours for bachelorette or bridal parties? Yes, we again will accommodate you to make it a stress free day to remember. We are available early morning, evenings, holidays, and weekends for any of your party needs**.

Jessica, Brides want to know: I want my skin to look it’s best for my wedding day, what should I do? Not only are facials relaxing, but they will prepare your skin to be glowing for your special day. We recommend starting a facial regimen 3 months before your wedding day and have your last facial a week prior to. Home care is essential as well, which we can recommend a regimen to keep up with your new glowing skin at home. Add a massage with each facial for the ultimate pre-wedding relaxation days. 

Jessica, Brides want to know: I’ve been going to gym to be in my best shape for my wedding, but can’t manage to lose that last few inches, is there anything I can do to help lose it? Yes! Divinity offers It Works! Wraps. Apply to any part of your body (up to 2 areas at a time) to tighten, tone, and firm any part of your body. A side effect of detoxifying is inches lost! We have documented clients losing up to 2 inches from hips with one body wrap! Want to start a wrap regimen for maximum benefits? Have a wrap party for a bachelorette party! Keep up with once a week wraps for maximum results. 

Jessica, thank you so much for sharing those bachelorette party ideas!

For more about Divinity Day Spa, you can find them here.

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31 Days::Bachelorette Party


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