Although we’ve lived in our little town for almost two years, I’m still meeting my neighbors and settling in to this slower pace of life.  I never thought that I’d live out in the country and have to travel 40 minutes to get to JC Penney, but it’s home and we love it. A few […]

Top Wedding Florist in Mendon

Top Wedding Florist in Mendon



Although we’ve lived in our little town for almost two years, I’m still meeting my neighbors and settling in to this slower pace of life.  I never thought that I’d live out in the country and have to travel 40 minutes to get to JC Penney, but it’s home and we love it.

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting one of the top wedding florist in Mendon, MA.  They are a dynamic duo, and it was a pleasure to spend some time talking with them at their store.  On the day that I visited they were preparing a harvest of hydrangeas for a wedding client. My hydrangeas didn’t bloom this year, so I soaked up all of the hydrangea love that I could.

Today, I’m excited to introduce Katy and Kim of Katydid Flowers and share their passion behind the beautiful bouquets and floral arrangements they make everyday for clients all over Massachusetts.  You might also be surprised to learn more about the name “Katydid”.  Please help me welcome Katy and Kim of Katydid Flowers one of the top wedding florist in Mendon.


How did you get started?

When I was three years old I picked my neighbors tulips and gave them to my mother.  Mom marched me right back over and made me apologize, but I couldn’t help myself. I’ve always loved flowers.

Tell us about your favorite wedding season?

Weather wise, you can’t beat the fall. The colors are beautiful, there are all kinds of fun grasses, pods, berries, and leaves. You don’t have to worry so much about flowers wilting in the cooler fall temperatures. It’s absolutely perfect.

Flower wise, it’s another story.  I love fragrant flowers!  And you can’t do any better than spring for fragrance. Lily of the valley, lilacs, peonies, hyacinth-yum! There is nothing better than spring for fragrant flowers.


You mentioned peonies, which many brides love, but can we have peonies at anytime? Please say, yes!

Oh boy, this is one of my favorite questions!  The best thing a bride can do is to tell me what look and feel she’s trying to achieve and what her favorite flower is and then let me make best use of seasonal flowers.  Not only do they stretch your flower budget, but flowers always look prettier when they’re in season.

I remember once when a bride insisted on peonies out of season. We were able to get them, but they were outrageously expensive and looked tired and weak after being forced into bloom and shipped half way around the globe.  When they’re in season, we buy them from a local grower right here in town.  You can’t get peonies that are fresher and more beautiful than that!

How far out should a bride select her wedding flowers?

Flowers are one of the final touches to a wedding. Brides need the date, venue, color scheme and the dresses before deciding on flowers.  What’s most important is to find a florist she feels comfortable working with. Someone who listens and gets her vision and then to give a deposit to hold the date.  This should be done as far in advance as possible but the actual selection of the flowers can come a little later.

When a bride chooses a color palette, do you guide her in the best flower choices for those colors?

Absolutely.  Some brides know exactly what they want down to the smallest detail.  Others may have a favorite flower and some are very happy to let us use seasonal flowers in their palette.  Every bride is different.  We try hard to give them the look and feel they want while staying within their budget.

What is included when a bride books Katydid Flowers for their wedding?

We do it all. We are all about service which means we don’t just “drop and run”.  From the moment the bride comes in, it’s all about her.  We meet for an initial consultation and usually a couple of follow up appointments. On the big day we deliver the appropriate flowers to where she’s getting ready, then go to the ceremony location to decorate and pin the boutonnieres and corsages.  Once the bride arrives, we make sure everyone’s flowers are perfect and wait until she walks down the aisle.  Next, we head to the reception location, take care of the centerpieces, arrange the flowers on the cake if needed and take care of the toss bouquet.  And if she’s rented any glassware, urns, or an arbor, we return the next day to pick everything up.


top-wedding-florists-in-mendon-massachusetts-photoTell us one interesting fact about Katydid?

Only one? How about three?  First, Katydid is an insect, yet many think it’s a flower. Two, we offer design workshops.  And three, we offer freeze dry wedding bouquet preservation in custom shadowboxes.  There are very few places that offer this.

What do you have planned for the future?

Gee, where do I start?  We have so many plans! But for the immediate future, Kim and I are very happy and loving what we’re doing, and it seems to be working for us. Life is good!

What makes Katydid unique?

It’s our basic philosophy.  Flowers are meant to be shared and enjoyed. Customers are meant to be appreciated.  It’s all about bringing a little nature into our lives.  We have a custom built cooler where customers are encouraged to walk in, touch, smell and simply enjoy the flowers.  Nothing makes us happier than to see a customer standing in the cooler smelling a rose and you know their day just got a little brighter.

Thank you so much Katy and Kim!  I must say, that custom cooler is a happy place and certainly made my day brighter.

You can find Katydid Flowers at:


Visit the store at:

Country Hills Plaza

32 Hastings St, Mendon, MA



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Top Wedding Florist in Mendon


  1. Pamela says:

    katydid is by far the best florist around. They have done the BVT prim for a few times when I was advisor. Great job and unbelievable prices????

  2. Cathi dubois says:

    I live in Florida and have used these woman numerous times. EVERYONE, I’ve ever sent flowers to have raved about the beauty. I also, used them for a friend dying of cancer. After letting them know the situation; they explained flowers weren’t healthy for chemo patients, BUT, a beautiful Dish would be perfect. Very very good woman.

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