December 26, 2018

A Luxury Portrait Experience | Shawon Davis Portraits | Medway, MA

New things are brewing at the studio as the New Year is only a few days away. One of those new things is a Luxury Portrait Experience! Read more…

A story that I began writing in 2012 is ready to be shared and told.

I believe each woman is distinctive and powerful in her own skin. I believe that she sews a story into existence with her actions and words. It is a resilient tapestry, threaded with strength. It is a collection of the battles she has fought and the love stories she has written with the world around her. Every day, whether she feels it or not, she is sewing a story that deserves to be remembered and celebrated.

Without evening knowing you, I know you deserve to feel beautiful in your own skin. You deserve a day to be pampered and treasured.

In the craziness of life, I know we forget that sometimes. We lose sight of the person in the mirror and we forget to delight, or even value, that person. I created these sessions so you and I could take a big step back and remember the person in the mirror. That person matters and I hope you never forget it.

This Luxury Portrait Experience is a day for YOU!

Your shoot is customized from start to finish! That includes a personal consultation with help designing your wardrobe, professional hair and makeup right here at the studio, and a fully guided photoshoot that will flatter you in every way.

It is such a fun experience! You will wish that you’d done it sooner!

You are bold, brave, beautiful, courageous, magnetic, powerful, loved and amazing! I hope you never forget it.

I can’t wait to experience this day with you!

Ready to begin your Luxury Portrait Experience? Click here! 

Visit our studio located at Medway Mills, in Medway, MA. 



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